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Cookie Diet

Who would have thought one of America's weight gain culprits would actually aid in weight loss. Cookie diets are a popular new trend sweeping everyone from Main St. to Hollywood, based on the meal-replacement foundation of other popular diet methods.

Cookie Diet – Diet Reviews

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    Hollywood Cookie Diet

    The Hollywood Cookie Diet is another celebrity-endorsed weight loss approach that involves restricting calories by replacing meals and snacks with these cookies.

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    Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet

    A half million people have turned to the Cookie Diet over the past three decades. These cookies offer a crunchy, sweet release from the confines of your diet

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    Smart for Life

    Smart for Life is a popular cookie diet. While it's monitored by doctors, it also uses a controversial practice, hCG injections to jump-start weight loss.

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Cookie Diet – Recipes

  • Diabetic Oatmeal Cookies

    Suitable for Diabetics! We've lowered the fat and sugar to give you a chewy, lacy cookie with no added nuts or fruit. Would be great for breakfast too! Each cookie is only one bread exchange.

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  • Rice Krispie Cookies

    Chewy rice krispie treats are delicious, but loaded with fat and sugar. Here you have all the pleasure of the crispy rice blended with sweetness, but with the added benefit of whole grain oats and wholesome nuts. This recipe is suitable for those who are diabetic.

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  • Pecan Cookies

    Pecan Cookies that are sure to please the taste buds.

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Cookie Diet – Blog Posts

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