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We dont just talk the talk, we walk, bike, run, swim and cycle the walk
Our Smarts

Respect the alphabet soup! Our experts are well educated health authorities and the trail of acronyms after their names is proof.

  • RD
  • MPH
  • RYT
  • ACSM
  • LMHC
  • NASN
  • AFAA
  • Doc. of Pharmacy

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To provide constructive information and education by health professionals that the public can use to implement healthy changes, support weight loss efforts and inspire to live a healthier life.

Meet our Staff

These individuals know a thing or two about staying fit and actively leading healthy lives. Meet the faces behind all of those diet reviews and blog posts. We're proud to have a passionate and dedicated team of professionals to provide you with reliable and trusted information. Feel free to drop any of them an email and they promise to respond by answering your fitness and nutrition questions.

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