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Hoodia Gordinii has long been known by the indigenous Southern Africa, who use of the meat of the plant to suppress appetite when making long hunting trips in the Kalahari Desert. This has caught the attention of dieters and marketers around the world. The actual appetite suppressant effects on humans is largely unproven.

Hoodia – Diet Reviews

  • Ronaxil

    Made popular in Norway, Ronaxil includes hoodia and green tea to help overweight individuals lose weight and regain their health.

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  • Unique Hoodia

    This extra-strength weight loss pill contains pure hoodia and nothing else. UniqueHoodia promises to suppress appetite and burn fat.

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  • TrioThin

    With three ingredients - hoodia, chitosan and green tea - TrioThin may suppress appetite but it may also be a scam that fraudulently charges your credit card.

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  • A buyer's guide to Hoodia

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  • Nutrathin, more hoodia?

    The latest diet supplement to cause a stir in weight loss trends is Nutrathin, which contains all-natural South African Hoodia Gordonii. This supplement promises to suppress your appetite and give you more energy without any additional side...