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hCG Diet

A controversial diet that calls for hormone injections.

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  • Established: 1950s
  • Founder: Dr. A.T.W. Simeons
  • Accessibility: Injections and drops
  • Diet Type: Extremely low calorie along with hCG drops or injections
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Snookie (Jersey Shore), Jenni Farley, Britney Spears

See our interview: hCG Diet Reviewed by FullBar's Dr. Michael Snyder

A potential diet supplement administered through injections or oral drops, the hCG Diet is a very controversial weight loss method. HCG stands for the hormone Human Choriogonadotropin, which is the same hormone that is produced by women in their early stages of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the surge of this hormone signals the hypothalamus in the brain to start moving nutrients and fat into the placenta. When used as part of a weight loss program, it is the fat-mobilization aspects of the hormone that has garnered attention for its seeming ability to help facilitate weight loss.

Even though the FDA has approved hCG shots for fertility reasons, there is no scientific evidence that shows the hCG Diet can significantly promote weight loss. Although it is used in conjunction with a very low calorie diet, any weight loss that occurs is likely to be due to the reduced caloric intake rather than the hCG shots or drops themselves.

Many side effects have been shown in those who take hCG shots for weight loss. Blood clots, depression, headaches and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in women have all been cited as common, and even deadly, side effects associated with hCG use. HCG drops avoid the inconveniences of a daily injection, but no clinical studies have been conducted to determine if hCG drops have any change in side effects.

Typically, the hCG Diet lasts for three weeks and is monitored by a health professional.

  • May promote weight loss when used in combination with a reduced calorie diet

  • Not considered safe
  • Weight loss is more likely to due to extremely restricted caloric intake rather than injections or drops
  • Weight loss is temporary
  • Side effects can be very serious. According to the Mayo Clinic, side affects associated with hCG include fatigue, irritability, headache and male breast enlargement.

hCG injections and drops contain the hormone Human Choriogonadotropin.


An injection of 125 iu of hCG is administered daily or a daily dose of oral drops.


Those who use hCG injections to lose weight must also follow a very strict diet that amounts to no more than 500 calories a day.

For the first two days of the injection you are allowed to eat excessively. Following the third injection, you must adhere to the 500-calorie diet until 72 hours following the last injection given. Sugars, very sweet fruits, processed foods and heavy starches are not allowed.

An hCG Diet protocol outlined by advocate Dr. A.T.W. Simeons looks like this:

  • Breakfast: Coffee or tea with artificial sweetener and one tablespoon of milk. Lunch is 100 grams of lean meat, poultry or fish in addition to one low-glycemic vegetable like spinach, celery, cucumbers or cabbage. One Melba toast and one fruit like half of a grapefruit or an apple is also allowed.
  • Dinner is the same as lunch.

In addition, shots of apple cider vinegar can be taken as a daily supplement. Products and make-up that contain any fatty substances like mineral oil or almond oil cannot be used.

Websites dedicated to promoting the hCG Diet contain recipes and additional protocol information and tips.


The hCG Diet is highly regimented and a very controversial weight loss program that involves the administration of either hormone injections or oral drops coupled with a very low-calorie diet. Popular amongst steroid users and those daring and desperate to lose weight quickly, the hCG Diet is not a weight loss program that is readily endorsed by health and medical professionals for its obvious flaws and real risks for dangerous side effects.

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hcg australia Each one of us is well known that the main method for getting more fit is utilizing a larger number of calories than you take in, yet when your yearning or appetite fits set in, those treats can't be barely noticeable. HCG Australia can help you take after your resolutions to get thinner by smothering appetite commonly such that your body has the capacity perceive. For weight reduction, HCG drops Australia is a substance that is sanction for use in much higher dosages than what is implied for getting in shape, just to minimize your danger.

posted Feb 25th, 2015 5:16 am


Each one of us is well known that the main method for getting more fit is utilizing a larger number of calories than you take in, yet when your yearning or appetite fits set in, those treats can't be barely noticeable. HCG Australia can help you take after your resolutions to get thinner by smothering appetite commonly such that your body has the capacity perceive. For weight reduction, HCG drops Australia is a substance that is sanction for use in much higher dosages than what is implied for getting in shape, just to minimize your danger.

posted Feb 25th, 2015 5:14 am


Very good results w/HCG at!

posted Dec 10th, 2014 11:22 pm


Can we take the drops during menstrual cycle?

Please respond

posted May 12th, 2014 10:47 am

Brad Smith

I lost 35lbs on the hcg diet. Buy the best hcg diet weight loss diet products with free usps shipping at:

posted Nov 15th, 2013 3:29 am

Kim Anderson

I lost 45lbs on the hcg diet. Buy the best hcg diet weight loss diet products with free usps shipping at:

posted Nov 15th, 2013 3:12 am


Very good results with no side effects.

posted Nov 1st, 2013 1:10 pm


Dr. Emma's HCG diet plan is better than the Simeons HCG diet. It is less restrictive in caloric intake and is tailored to the individual's activity level and is therefore safer. In Virginia, Universal Weight Loss and Wellness Center is now offering Dr. Emma's HCG diet and injectable HCG, which is the only form of HCG scientifically proven to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The results are amazing and long-lasting, because you lose fat, not muscle, due to the HCG.

posted Jun 20th, 2013 2:24 am


The HCG diet is a low calorie but that's not the only reason why you lose the weight. Some people should do more research before stating incorrect information. You are not starving because the body is using up the fat that is already within in. I never felt hungry on the diet but then again, I never ate junk food 24/7. If you do this, guess what? Nothing will help you!

posted Jun 15th, 2013 1:19 am


500 calories a day is starvation, plain and simple. The weight loss on this program is not from the HCG, but from the caloric deprivation. HCG supposedly "masks" your body telling you, "HEY! I'm STARVING here! You are going to DIE if you keep this up!" doesn't, really. You can achieve the "same results" by only eating the "HCG" diet- with the difference being you're not injecting a human hormone into your body. Watched my whole extended family buy into this "craze", drop the weight, and slap it right back on when they were done. I can lose 25 pounds in a day by cutting off my arm, too- but that doesn't make it either smart or healthy!

posted Apr 24th, 2013 9:46 pm


My husband and I tried hCG through a clinic and we were consuming probably around 1000-1200 calories a day. We were on it for about 4 months (yes, we did 16 weeks straight, skipping every 7th day of the week). We were told to use protein shakes as supplements (ones without sugar or synthetic chemical sweeteners.. ours had Stevia for the sweetener.. bought it through Vitacost) in order to NOT lose muscle. We had a shake for breakfast, snack was an apple or strawberries, lunch was salad with chicken (or whatever else was on the acceptable list.. which was a lot more foods than the original diet allowed), a shake for snack, dinner, and if we wanted an apple or another shake later we'd have that. WE DRANK OUR WATER!! So important! We drank at least four 32 ounce bottles of water a day. The more we drank, the more weight loss we saw (and faster... if we slacked on water, it showed in less weight loss for that day). Keeping plenty of water in your system is so vital on this diet. I'm not selling hCG, I just know it works if you use it right. It helps you NOT be hungry, along with the water. It helps you drop the weight. I lost 45 pounds and my husband lost 75 pounds. We used the shots that the clinic provided.. mixed the powdered hCG with sterile water and did the shots ourselves. It works if you follow the diet, keep your protein up (so you're not losing muscle) and drink your water. I'd say use a clinic the first "round" and see for yourself. Choose a reputable one, though.

posted Feb 15th, 2013 1:24 am


I have been on diet several times spread out over two years. I used the drops and have had good success of 50 lbs lost.
I've had nothing but a good experience!

posted Jan 17th, 2013 7:45 pm


I gained 25 pounds after I quit smoking (in three years time). I heard about the HCG diet from my daughter, and decided to give it a try. I lost 22 of the 25 pounds and have stayed within the up or down 2 for a month. It is a hard diet, but short. It also teaches you how to eat better. I never was tired or weak, nor did I have horrible side effects.

posted Jan 17th, 2013 3:44 pm


I am finishing phase 2 of hCG now. Did I lose weight? Yes. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! This diet lasts forever, makes you tired, weak, and feeling so deprived (from having the same foods every meal for three weeks that you are bound to gain back weight when you get off. It kind of like the child whose parents restricted them so much that when they went to college, they went wild.

posted Jul 14th, 2012 9:02 pm


Correction: the authors name of 'Weight Loss Apocalypse' is Robin Phipps Woodall.

If you are going to do the protocol, then do yourself a favour and read the book. Free downloadable pdf's are available online.

posted Jul 9th, 2012 8:28 am

aboyt hcg

There was absolutely no explanation When i must be overweight nowadays. When i will have a fantastic groundwork involving information on what to live an incredibly healthy and also pleased life style regardless of every one of the vacationing I truly do and also how stressful my workload can be. When i discovered an important lesson: of which wellbeing occurs first due to the fact with out a sound body, all the other regions of the lifestyles are affected.

posted Jul 8th, 2012 3:29 pm


I highly recommend anyone interested in learning about the hCG protocol to read 'Weight Loss Apocalypse' by Robin Phillips Woodall. She also has Vlogs on youtube. hCG isn't a diet, it is a hormone rehabilitation protocol, a do-over for your metabolism. If you don't follow the program by the letter then there will be adverse affects to your hormones, metabolism and body.

I used homeopathic pellets last year and lost 20kg (44lbs) in a very short amount of time but I cheated occasionally and didn't finish the protocol properly and put the weight back on.

Now I am using prescription hCG Nasal Spray and have decided (after reading 'Weight Loss Apocalypse') that I will only eat when I am hungry, I will not weigh myself daily (will weigh and measure in 1 month) and I will take emotion out of eating.

Do yourself a favour, before you pass judgment on the hCG protocol, check out Robin's vlogs on youtube or read her book. She was a non-believer who after years of research on the subject changed her mind and is now an advocate.

posted Jul 8th, 2012 12:46 pm


This stuff is just another scam. If you want to lose weight, eat less and get more activity. Save your money and spend it on something nice for yourself. Don't feed these morons cash.

posted Jun 27th, 2012 11:06 pm


Product review? I have just ordered my free trial. Does this actually work.. and in relation to the few below comments.. what is she saying this can make you gain weight. I really want to lose weight quick for summer? Please reply with honest views. Does this work, and can there be side effects? thank you

posted Jun 24th, 2012 9:49 pm


I am 23 years old, 5 ft tall and have struggled with my weight for about 5 years now. I dramatically fluctuate yearly. When Spring comes around, I am always trying to get in shape and can get down to 114 lbs before I plateau and after that I have a really hard time losing weight. Right after summer, I become extremely unmotivated and can gain weight up to 135. It's incredibly unhealthy for my weight to fluctuate this much yearly so I decided to try HCG and lose the weight and keep it off once and for all. I went ahead with the daily HCG injections and when I started, I weighed around 123. Two weeks into the diet, I have lost 7 lbs. The diet restrictions are OUTRAGEOUS! OF COURSE ANYONE will lose weight when they are only consuming 500 calories a day. The thing that sells HCG is that though you are only consuming 500 calories a day, your body does not go into starvation mode because HCG triggers the release of "abnormal fat storage" so really you are supposedly consuming a healthy amount of calories when your body is consuming your body fat. There have been great testimonials by people who have lost 20lbs in the first week etc... But things that need to be considered are people who are tremendously overweight are destined to lose weight more rapidly then people who are trying to lose a few extra lbs. I personally think this "diet" is a bunch of hocus pocus after week two and was skeptical doing it in the first place because I never resort to dieting pills, etc... I prefer the old fashion way. Eat healthy and exercise daily but I thought I would give it a shot. I still have two weeks left on this diet and I am interested to see the outcome as I feel I will be disappointed but I made a $200 investment on these shots so I am just going to finish it. You are not allowed to consume any type of oil (you are even supposed to get all new body, face, make-up and hair products all oil-free) because the oil in the supplements counts toward your 500 calorie diet a day. You cannot have any artificial sweetener except for Truvia in turn you can't chew gum or mints while on this diet. After a week of following the diet to a T and seeing no results, I went back to the weight loss clinic for them to tell me I need artificial salt, not to eat oranges, tomatoes or shrimp (approved HCG foods) because it was stalling my weight loss. I have been practically drowning myself in water because you are to consume at least 2 2 liters a day but they bumped it up to 4. I am physically exhausted and can't get out of bed in the morning because I have zero energy. I was constipated because I wasn't eating anything and of course... they told me to take laxatives. Because I am not consuming enough iron, I am bruising everywhere... take iron pills? When I see a weight gain of .5 lbs... I am supposed to skip breakfast, drink little liquid and eat 6 apples during the day? You are not supposed to start a new exercise program while on the shots. Not everyone has side effects and I am in no way belittling people who have had great results with HCG. But, when I first went to the clinic and saw all the dietary restrictions my jaw almost hit the floor. This is no normal diet. This is a diet that deprives your body of essential nutrients. I feel foolish even trying this diet. HCG doesn't do stuff, its your 500 calorie intake that does it all. It is not FDA approved and there is no scientific research that supports these studies. Save yourself the money. You can consume 500 calories and lose the weight without spending $200

posted Jun 21st, 2012 9:03 pm


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