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hCG Diet

hCG Diet

A controversial diet that calls for hormone injections.

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  • Established: 1950s
  • Founder: Dr. A.T.W. Simeons
  • Accessibility: Injections and drops
  • Diet Type: Extremely low calorie along with hCG drops or injections
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Snookie (Jersey Shore), Jenni Farley, Britney Spears

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A potential diet supplement administered through injections or oral drops, the hCG Diet is a very controversial weight loss method. HCG stands for the hormone Human Choriogonadotropin, which is the same hormone that is produced by women in their early stages of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the surge of this hormone signals the hypothalamus in the brain to start moving nutrients and fat into the placenta. When used as part of a weight loss program, it is the fat-mobilization aspects of the hormone that has garnered attention for its seeming ability to help facilitate weight loss.

Even though the FDA has approved hCG shots for fertility reasons, there is no scientific evidence that shows the hCG Diet can significantly promote weight loss. Although it is used in conjunction with a very low calorie diet, any weight loss that occurs is likely to be due to the reduced caloric intake rather than the hCG shots or drops themselves.

Many side effects have been shown in those who take hCG shots for weight loss. Blood clots, depression, headaches and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in women have all been cited as common, and even deadly, side effects associated with hCG use. HCG drops avoid the inconveniences of a daily injection, but no clinical studies have been conducted to determine if hCG drops have any change in side effects.

Typically, the hCG Diet lasts for three weeks and is monitored by a health professional.

  • May promote weight loss when used in combination with a reduced calorie diet

  • Not considered safe
  • Weight loss is more likely to due to extremely restricted caloric intake rather than injections or drops
  • Weight loss is temporary
  • Side effects can be very serious. According to the Mayo Clinic, side affects associated with hCG include fatigue, irritability, headache and male breast enlargement.

hCG injections and drops contain the hormone Human Choriogonadotropin.


An injection of 125 iu of hCG is administered daily or a daily dose of oral drops.


Those who use hCG injections to lose weight must also follow a very strict diet that amounts to no more than 500 calories a day.

For the first two days of the injection you are allowed to eat excessively. Following the third injection, you must adhere to the 500-calorie diet until 72 hours following the last injection given. Sugars, very sweet fruits, processed foods and heavy starches are not allowed.

An hCG Diet protocol outlined by advocate Dr. A.T.W. Simeons looks like this:

  • Breakfast: Coffee or tea with artificial sweetener and one tablespoon of milk. Lunch is 100 grams of lean meat, poultry or fish in addition to one low-glycemic vegetable like spinach, celery, cucumbers or cabbage. One Melba toast and one fruit like half of a grapefruit or an apple is also allowed.
  • Dinner is the same as lunch.

In addition, shots of apple cider vinegar can be taken as a daily supplement. Products and make-up that contain any fatty substances like mineral oil or almond oil cannot be used.

Websites dedicated to promoting the hCG Diet contain recipes and additional protocol information and tips.


The hCG Diet is highly regimented and a very controversial weight loss program that involves the administration of either hormone injections or oral drops coupled with a very low-calorie diet. Popular amongst steroid users and those daring and desperate to lose weight quickly, the hCG Diet is not a weight loss program that is readily endorsed by health and medical professionals for its obvious flaws and real risks for dangerous side effects.

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I am so happy with the results of the HCG diet. I tried everything! From eating healthy and going to the gym, and the Quick Trim diet. Eating healthy just helped me maintain my weight and Quick Trim had me using the bathroom all day long. I couldnt find a diet program that worked for me. Until my friend, introduced me too the HCG diet! At first I was scared to only take in 500 calories a day but it got easier as the days passed. The only time i got hungry pains was when i worked because I worked in a cafe around food all day! Other than that, I was satisfied with only 500 calories. Overall, I am 18 years old and wanted to lose 20 lbs. I started this program at 137lbs and with five days to go i weighed my self in today at 125.2 :) I never been so happy with my body. I feel great and look great!! I highly suggest you try this diet if you have the will power

posted May 2nd, 2011 12:31 pm


Be careful using this diet. It is not a healthy way to eat. I had talked to my Doctor about this diet when I learned of it. She told me not to do it. She said there has been many women who have ended up with cancer after doing the HCG diet, two of her female patients had went on the HCG diet, then went back to see my Doctor and found out they both had breast cancer, both ladies had done the HCG. There are other stories like this. Be aware people! Check things out before you decide on something that may hurt you in the long run. Eating (healthy) less calories based on your wieght now and exercising for 45-60 minutes a day with help you do it a healthy way. That's what I'm aiming for! There are many sites on-line that are free and will calculate the right amount calories for you, and also exercise suggestions. Be careful and do what's best for your body.

posted May 1st, 2011 10:32 pm


I have heard so many people say that this diet isn't a permanent solution to weight loss, but really what diet is?! You have to bust your butt with any diet to keep the lb's off. I did weight watchers, loss 25 lb's and gained it all back. I tried nutrisystem and couldn't even get through a month of the program because the food was so disgusting! My advice to everyone out there is to follow something you can stick to. It's going to take a lot of dedication and it's going to be hard, but do whatever works for you! Not everyone will respond the same but it's worth a try!

posted Apr 28th, 2011 8:35 pm


I have been miss lead. I have read so many comment on how awesome this diet is and for the first couple of days it was ok..now 7 days later I have horrible leg cramps and I'm hungry all the time! it doesn't teach me how to eat well I think about food more than I ever have. This was just not as good as people made it out to be.

posted Apr 26th, 2011 4:25 pm



And what about striae? I have some after pregnancy and don't want to get more!

posted Apr 26th, 2011 3:22 am


Can anyone recommend a legitimate place to get the HCG drops? I am having a hard time with the overwhelming number of sites!! Thank you very much!!

posted Apr 25th, 2011 2:14 pm


Miserable, hungry all
The time... No energy lost 10 PDs the first week, I have two more weeks to go but I miss cheese and eggs and considering just stopping my injections and doing low carb while dh finished the cycle.
We joined a gym and I would rather workout and not fill so deprived!

posted Apr 24th, 2011 6:02 pm


was on it oin well into my 2nd week, when I felt so bad, I thouht I was oing to die. I work as a MedTech in a hospital lab so I went to the ER. My H & H were critically low. The MD told me to get 2 units of blood. When my peripheral blood smear was done, it showed gross anemia and hemolysis. My RBC's were being shredded apart. Like DIC and blood clots. It was sent off for a Pathologist Eval. I could have died from blood loss and coaulation or clotting problems. It took me weeks to feel good again. If you're in medicine, you know what hemolysis looks like on a blood smear. I didn't have any normal cells. There were ghost cells, target cells, schistocytes, Macrocytes, just a classic textbook slide for clotting. DO NOT USE THIS. YOU COULD DIE> I ALMOST DID>

posted Apr 16th, 2011 10:28 pm


The loading days are unnecessary. We are all going in this diet because we load up too much everyday obviously. Any two days before you start are loading days. I didn't dare do that-got my drops & started next morning. I also make sure not to eat or drink 20 mins before or after the
Sublingual drops for betters absorption. A couple times a day I do a tblsp. of apple cider vinegar diluted in about a half cup of water(holding my breath) for energy. I do allow myself a Crystal Light a day. I'm losing, but who wouldn't in LCD like this. If I work out-I eat an apple before, water during, and drink half an Isopure after. I'm an RN-I understand the replace what you use as far as
Protein and electrolytes. But I'm also trying to tone while I'm losing(no loose skin)! My total goal to lose is about 25 lbs. The first few days and during PMS are the hardest!!!

posted Apr 14th, 2011 10:40 pm


the HCG diet is fantastic. Yes, it is regimented.. I read all these "cons" and they are false... I have yet to hear of a side effect in my 5 years being involved in this diet. Have the discipline to follow it exactly and you WILL get long term results. "Weight loss is temporary" Sure.. if you go back to eating a gallon of ice cream before bed... you need to adjust your life style... for me, the killer is beer.. lol. This is a great program that gives you fast results and keeps you pumped about the sacrifices you're making to reach your goals. Yahoo groups has a few going that can help you with this diet as well. Good luck to you!

posted Apr 13th, 2011 1:38 pm


I am starting this diet on monday and am super excited.. I really hope it works for me I purchased it for $45.00 at a place by my school and its for 40 days.. I am a bit nervous but after reading how everyone has lost im super stoked

posted Apr 13th, 2011 12:07 am


where did yyou buy yours from!!!???

posted Apr 12th, 2011 6:50 pm


It worked great but its not a permanent solution. you need to be conscious of what you eat. after you lose all the weight you need to maintain it by eating healthy. you can eat what you want but dont over do it. be consciouse of what and how your eating. be healthy!!

posted Apr 11th, 2011 9:58 am

Lauryn Ray

i love the hcg diet!!! ive heard that i shouldnt work out but i also heard i could so i have been lol i love 7 lbs. in 7 days..and ive been eating super healthy. ive kinda been cheating too but im a woman i cant help it i need to eat!! lol im doing the diet and everything with a friend which is a big help. its only been one week and ive had some clients tell me i look skinnier in the face and stomach :) ive been having some cramps but nothing too serious! so overall i love it :)

posted Apr 10th, 2011 9:08 pm

Jaclyn Floyd

I'm losing weight faster for sure, but this is miserable with the dictated vegetable & fruit. I could lose weight and not be so awrfully hungry like i was by doing 1000 calories a day and walking on my treadmill for 30 minutes. This is like being a prsioner at Auschwitz.

posted Apr 10th, 2011 11:32 am



How important are loading days? Hello, I was wondering how important the loading days are? I just hate to add to the weight I need to lose. Thanks, Karla

posted Apr 8th, 2011 3:30 pm


This is my 10th day and I have lost 11 lbs. I will be on the diet for 45 days but I was wondering what is the next stage?

posted Apr 5th, 2011 12:48 pm


I started this diet March 28th .. I gained 4 pounds on the 2 "loading days" But after my first 500 calorie day, i lost it all! Its now april 5th and i'm down a total of 9 pounds. I started at 164 and after the loading days got to 168. I'm now at 158.9. But as much as i love this diet i hate it! The first 4 days of the 500 calorie diet were so hard. I woke up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps because i was so hungry. I then decided i couldnt take anymore and had some carbs to help settle my stomach. I have cheated a few days meaning ( a couple bites of rice or a couple crackers, i even had a chocolate chip cookie the other day) Each day i have continued to loose! After the first couple days i was motivated to keep going. I havent been under 160 in 2 years so i am so excited to see the scale keep droping!

I'm also not following the protocol to key. I have 2 proteins a day and usually one fruit and one veggie. I find myself not hungry sometimes and am i so sick of the plain food already. I cant wait until i can eat carbs again! I'm doing this for 23 days because i have already lost almost 10 , i hope to loose about 10-15 more. I am planning to not cheat the rest of the time. The only side effect i have noticed is i am EXTREMELY emotional. Everything upsets me and there have been days where I just want to stay home and cry. Besides that I am loving this diet and cant wait to see final results.

posted Apr 5th, 2011 12:10 pm

Bobbi Martin

Has anyone with hormone receptive breast cancer gone on this diet?

posted Apr 5th, 2011 11:46 am


i would like to try this prooduct

posted Apr 4th, 2011 11:49 am


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