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hCG Diet

hCG Diet

A controversial diet that calls for hormone injections.

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  • Established: 1950s
  • Founder: Dr. A.T.W. Simeons
  • Accessibility: Injections and drops
  • Diet Type: Extremely low calorie along with hCG drops or injections
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Snookie (Jersey Shore), Jenni Farley, Britney Spears

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A potential diet supplement administered through injections or oral drops, the hCG Diet is a very controversial weight loss method. HCG stands for the hormone Human Choriogonadotropin, which is the same hormone that is produced by women in their early stages of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the surge of this hormone signals the hypothalamus in the brain to start moving nutrients and fat into the placenta. When used as part of a weight loss program, it is the fat-mobilization aspects of the hormone that has garnered attention for its seeming ability to help facilitate weight loss.

Even though the FDA has approved hCG shots for fertility reasons, there is no scientific evidence that shows the hCG Diet can significantly promote weight loss. Although it is used in conjunction with a very low calorie diet, any weight loss that occurs is likely to be due to the reduced caloric intake rather than the hCG shots or drops themselves.

Many side effects have been shown in those who take hCG shots for weight loss. Blood clots, depression, headaches and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in women have all been cited as common, and even deadly, side effects associated with hCG use. HCG drops avoid the inconveniences of a daily injection, but no clinical studies have been conducted to determine if hCG drops have any change in side effects.

Typically, the hCG Diet lasts for three weeks and is monitored by a health professional.

  • May promote weight loss when used in combination with a reduced calorie diet

  • Not considered safe
  • Weight loss is more likely to due to extremely restricted caloric intake rather than injections or drops
  • Weight loss is temporary
  • Side effects can be very serious. According to the Mayo Clinic, side affects associated with hCG include fatigue, irritability, headache and male breast enlargement.

hCG injections and drops contain the hormone Human Choriogonadotropin.


An injection of 125 iu of hCG is administered daily or a daily dose of oral drops.


Those who use hCG injections to lose weight must also follow a very strict diet that amounts to no more than 500 calories a day.

For the first two days of the injection you are allowed to eat excessively. Following the third injection, you must adhere to the 500-calorie diet until 72 hours following the last injection given. Sugars, very sweet fruits, processed foods and heavy starches are not allowed.

An hCG Diet protocol outlined by advocate Dr. A.T.W. Simeons looks like this:

  • Breakfast: Coffee or tea with artificial sweetener and one tablespoon of milk. Lunch is 100 grams of lean meat, poultry or fish in addition to one low-glycemic vegetable like spinach, celery, cucumbers or cabbage. One Melba toast and one fruit like half of a grapefruit or an apple is also allowed.
  • Dinner is the same as lunch.

In addition, shots of apple cider vinegar can be taken as a daily supplement. Products and make-up that contain any fatty substances like mineral oil or almond oil cannot be used.

Websites dedicated to promoting the hCG Diet contain recipes and additional protocol information and tips.


The hCG Diet is highly regimented and a very controversial weight loss program that involves the administration of either hormone injections or oral drops coupled with a very low-calorie diet. Popular amongst steroid users and those daring and desperate to lose weight quickly, the hCG Diet is not a weight loss program that is readily endorsed by health and medical professionals for its obvious flaws and real risks for dangerous side effects.

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I would like to try this diet also. Like others, I would like to know if anyone can suggest a reputable site to purchse from.

posted Aug 21st, 2011 2:52 am

cathy k

I have been on the hcg shots and have been consuming between 600-800 calories a day for 8 days and have lost 8 lbs. You are actually eating more calories because when you count your protein calories, you have to times this by 4 then subtract that number from the calories. For example: total calorie 150, total protein 30, 30x4=120........150-120=30 TOTAL CALORIES. I have only 1/2 a thyroid and it has been so hard for me to lose weight so the fact that this has been working is incredible. I highly recommend this.

posted Aug 13th, 2011 10:21 am


I have been taking the hcg shots once a week and have been following the diet. I eat between 600-800 calories a day and work out 3x a week. I have been on the diet 8 days and have lost 8lbs. It has been so hard for me to lose weight but this diet has been working for me! I have had no side effects but get tired earlier then usual. The appetite suppresants work well to. I go to a weight loss clinic in bc to get my shots and pills.

posted Aug 12th, 2011 11:57 pm


Ive gained a good amount of weight and im NOT happy about it. Ive tried many diets and they dont work for me. So why not give this on a try?

So what my question is, whats the 411 on these drops, and WHERE can I get some that arn't a scam! HELPPPP!!!

posted Aug 12th, 2011 9:54 pm


This is WILLPOWER IN A BOTTLE. I am 49 and want to get the "baby weight" off before I go through menopause. Tried 1,000 calories a day for a month without drops and lost 6 pounds and couldn't stick to it. I'm now eating about 650 calories and AM NOT HUNGRY. I chose the Dr. that Dr. Oz had on from Miami - Dr. Lipman an endroconologist that's been working with it for 25 years. THIS WORKS. Do you research and don't knock it until you have tried it.

posted Aug 12th, 2011 12:51 pm



I lost 6 lbs. on this diet in only 3 days, which was great. That is, until the 4th day when I was feeling so weak my legs were about to give out. I felt terrible: headaches daily, weakness, dizziness, nauseated, and I was starving despite that you aren't supposed to be hungry on this diet while eating only 500 cals. per day. I felt like I had morning sickness every day just like I had while pregnant twice before. It wasn't worth it to me...plus you get sick of eating the same things everyday. Good for a short term fix for a few days but definitely not long-term success. Feeling sick everyday was not worth being skinny to me.

posted Aug 12th, 2011 12:04 pm

Drew DiNardo


It's working for me. Using the shots, program was prescribed by Doctor. On it for 12 days now and have lost about 14 pounds. Don't feel hungry (still have some cravings) and do feel more alert. Have not exercised. I do have a total of 40 pounds to lose so.....

posted Aug 12th, 2011 9:06 am

Dick Gazinya

Great post. Here's a link to another HCG Diet post which I think your readers will enjoy: http://www.drbillofhealth.com/nutrition/hcg-diet-review-does-it-work-no-evidence-for-safety-and-efficacy/

posted Aug 12th, 2011 8:51 am

Ryan C

I lost 26 pounds on the HCG diet and I loved it! I could have lost more but I did not follow a strict 500 cal a day diet. I did change my eating habits though and have been able to keep the weight off. You just really need self control on this diet and a support system to not tempt you to eat whatever you want! I suggest it to anyone, and I am definitely doing round 2 after I get done with my maintenance and 4wks off. My sister and mother tried to do it to, but they couldnâ??t stick with the diet. I love it and cannot wait to start my next round. HCG actually works when nothing else did!

posted Aug 11th, 2011 9:56 am


I have 4 kids all about 2yrs apart and I have tried everything to get the extra 60lbs off and have had no luck with anything, I have tried it all. After finding out I have a slow thyroid I decided to give the HCG diet drops a try after being on the diet for 4 weeks I lost 27lbs and now have lost 2 more since being off of them and I plan on doing it again and am hoping to be down to my goal by December. The HCG drops are the best thing I have ever found!

posted Aug 7th, 2011 2:35 am


This stuff really works. I have tried every diet out there and nothing worked as well or as dramatically. I lost 50 pounds in 9 weeks last year and have kept it off. I am now a size 6/8 and have hCG to thank. The diet is not easy and you cannot cheat. But with results that show every day, why would you?

posted Aug 5th, 2011 10:46 pm



It is advertised as "you will lose one pound per day". Not so. Before I started, the Naturepath said I would lose 35 lbs in 6 weeks. It was supposed to be a 6 week diet. I only lost 18 lbs. I was happy to lose that but it fell short of my goal. I would highly recommend the diet because it works but, not to the extent of all of the claims you may read. You do still have to use willpower but since you don't feel hungry most of the time, it is easy to lose a significant amount of weight.

posted Aug 4th, 2011 1:54 pm



I am going with the doctors on this one. If the hormone is produced by PREGNANT women during PREGNANCY then it has a specific purpose at that time, not to help people lose weight. Just common sense to me. I have a cousin who did this diet and shots for one month and lost 65 lbs and got extremely sick and wound up in the hospital. She only needed to lose 30#. I have had breast cancer, ya, I need to lose about 30#, but not going to screw up my metabolism or endanger my physiology by injecting myself with a hormone produced during pregnancy. Just my two cents for whoever has reservations, those who have already bought into it are probably not going to re-think it.

posted Aug 3rd, 2011 7:04 pm


I have been on hcg drops for 22 days and I have lost 16 pounds. My grandma and mom have done drops as well. They have both lost alot of wieght and keep it off. When you get off you cant go back to old habits... you need to eat healthier and start working out. I havent gotten to that point but I would think it would be commen sence. I had a day or 2 of not feeling well but that was my fault for not drinking enough water and switching up foods. The lady I got it from let me know women need eggs basically every other day and need to be consuming enough water. I found out I was prediebetic... this diet has shown me how much better I can feel with eatting better. How much all that junk food reallly effects you. I am really happy I did this.. it has taught me I wasnt that great of an eater even though I didnt eat ice cream and snickers alot. I ate out alot more then I thought ..ate foods with no nutrition what so ever!! This may not be for everyone but if you check with your doctor and follow the diet I believe you will be happy. You shouldnt gain the weight back if you make a life style change after your done with diet. Also I am one of those people that during work week (no time to eat) or weekends (would forget to eat) ( 2 bannanas, handful of almonds, and a pack of romen noodles this is what I would eat for work week) I didnt lose weight I gained weight because my body thought it was starving. So for those who says the drops dont do anything...I strongly disagree from personal expierence. Sorry for spelling etc :)

posted Aug 1st, 2011 1:56 pm

Amy Gurley

I love hCG, but it takes dedication and commitment. You have to follow Dr. Simeons "Pounds and Inches" in order to make it work for you. Also, I would reccommend the actual hCG to the homeopathic stuff - it works better for me. I don't understand all these arguements against it. They say there's no evidence? I've lost 60 pounds on this stuff, and I do NOT exercise. They say it's only because of the 500 VLCD? That's a lie - a body can't survive on 500 cal a day alone. Your stomach doesn't grumble because it's empty - it's your brain telling your stomach that it needs nutrients. And why are you not hungry on hCG even tho ur only eating 500 calories a day? Because your body is getting all the nutrients it needs from your stored fat. It has it all - that's why our body stores it - for emergencies! If you don't believe it works, there is a simple test you can try. There are these things called ketone sticks. You buy them at the pharmacy and they detect ketones in your urine. Ketones are released when your body is burning not only fat, but the abnormal fat that's not necessary for survival. (only try this with real hCG) I promise you, no matter what these people say, the ketone sticks do not lie. YOU ARE BURNING FAT. And do you keep the weight off afterwards? Certainly, if nothing else, it has taught you to eat lighter meals because your stomach is used to it now - not as stretched out, right? Also, hCG broke my habit of snacking while watching TV. That's a big one for me. People, it works. It's not cheap, and the diet itself really sucks, but if you want to get the weight off this is the way to go.

posted Jul 26th, 2011 12:26 am


I have just started this diet--on day 4 now. When I started, I gained close to 2 lbs on the first 2 "load up" days. On day 3, with the 500 calories a day I lost close to 3 1/2 lbs. Now on day 4 I've lost close to 6 lbs. Eating 500 calories is a bit of challenge, but honestly, I feel full after each meal and just a little hungry between meals. I wouldn't want to do this diet for a long time, but since I only need to loose 20 lbs I feel that the end result will be worth not eating out or indulging in my favorite foods. I am hoping to change my eating habits as well as loose weight.

posted Jul 25th, 2011 11:37 am



Print on bottle was so small had to get a magnifying glass to read it. have used for a month and no weight loss. Would not recommend this to anyone, especially at the price I paid for it.

posted Jul 25th, 2011 10:21 am


500 calories a day is ridiculous.

Starvation may work in the short term - but it poses serious health risks, & is damn hard to do.

A weight problem is simply - a Sugar Problem - Break the Sugar Addiction - & weight loss will follow.

ps. Beware of synthetic Sugar Substitutes too - check them out.


posted Jul 22nd, 2011 3:07 pm


I saw my sister in law for the first time in about 2 months. She started the HCG plan to fit in a wedding dress in a few weeks. She bought the dress a few years ago and when I saw her I was like OMG i need to do what ever u r doing! I am a bit nervous. I'm 195.5 and 5'6" and have done every diet in the world including the all Juice diet. I have spend soooo much money. I really hope this works. I am ordering so I can start my gouge over the weekend. I will keep u all updated on my progress. But i need support!!

posted Jul 12th, 2011 1:22 pm



Nicole. Just my family dr who had dr in his office who was a facilitator of the program. For the girl buying the dress two sizes too small, it'll never fit you, so I'll give you 30 bucks for it. This works for those committed

posted Jul 12th, 2011 1:17 pm


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