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Eat This Not That

The editor for Men's Health magazine, David Zinczenko created a series of book that help adults and children make healthier food choices. Eat This Not That was the original, followed by the children's version and the newest Supermarket Survival Guide.

Eat This Not That – Diet Reviews

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    Eat This Not That: The Best and Worst Foods in America

    Eat This Not That! helps you make better choices at your favorite restaurant chains and how to steer clear of the most unhealthy food in the U.S.

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    Cook This, Not That

    From the authors of Eat This, Not That comes Cook This, Not That, a cookbook with delicious healthy recipe makeovers for high calorie and pricey restaurant eats.

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  • Eat This Not That

    Men's Health Editor-in-chief Dave Zinczenko has made it possible to eat at your favorite restaurant or fast food window without the guilt. His new book "Eat This, Not That" combs many of America's favorite menus to uncover the nutrition facts and offer healthier alternatives.

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    If you have kids, work with kids or are ever responsible for feeding kids - you need to grab this book. "<a href=",_Not_That_for_Kids/" title="eat this not that for kids review" target="_blank">Eat...