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Diet to Go

Diet-to-Go Diet Review: Does it Work?

A leading meal delivery diet with a new approach to its healthy menu offerings.

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What is it?

Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery service offering low calorie foods for weight loss. It offers personalized portion controlled foods that are claimed to be tasty and made according to one’s preferences.

There are 3 different menus offered which are dependent on if one is limiting carbohydrates, concerned about diabetes, or want the basic meal plan. It claims to be a convenient way to have foods prepared, and different locations are available for pickup as well as direct delivery. In reviewing many different diet plans our experts found that the best was the 18Shake Diet. It’s made up of a natural meal replacement and stimulant free diet pill. Both have been rated highly by users due to their weight loss results. More information about the 18Shake Diet can be read about via the link here.

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Diet-to-GoDiet Ingredients and Side Effects

The company does not offer a list of the ingredients used, only some of the sample menu items. The kinds of foods one will eat according to the standard meal plan include:

         • Bistro chicken salad.

         • Barbecue chicken.

         • Turkey picadillo.

         • Orange roughy fish.

         • Whole wheat bagel.

         • Kale & swiss frittata.

There are several different food options, but without knowing the ingredients it’s impossible to determine the overall quality. It’s known that the foods are flash frozen to help preserve quality. This means that one can heat up their foods using a microwave where no other preparation is needed.

There are also 3 different plans offered:

• Balance: This is the standard meal plan that the company has been using for over 20 years. It offers vegetarian and seafood free options. It’s said to be formulated with the guidance of chefs and nutritionists. According to the manufacturers, this is their most popular option.

• Balance Diabetes: This is made under the guidelines proposed by the American Diabetes Association. This is meant for those who have type-2 diabetes, or who are concerned about regulating their blood sugar. It has a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, and it’s made for people looking to lose between 5 to 10 pounds. It offers fewer carbohydrates than the Balance option.

• Carb30: Only 30 net carbohydrates are offered per meal. Net carbohydrates are calculated when one subtracts the carbohydrates from the fiber in a food. There’s no sugar, fruit, bread, or other carbohydrates offered. The kinds of meals are heavy on protein and it includes pork chip breakfast, beef short ribs, chicken alfredo, Indian turkey tenderloin, andouille sausage, and much more. It tends to be more based on meat dishes.

The kinds of foods allowed range from protein rich meats to burgers, pastas, fruits, and egg based dishes. The premise of the diet is simple; introduce reduced calorie meals that only have to be heated. Since men and women’s options are available, the difference in calories may result in weight loss. This is because one is receiving less than the standard 2,000 calories a day as is often suggested in US based nutrition facts panels. The highest ranked diet plans are made available when you click the link here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

Diet-to-GoDiet Quality of Ingredients

No ingredients listing is offered, it is known however from the reviews of customers that the quality of foods is poor. Some have mentioned that there’s a large amount of things like sodium, sugars, and fats added. It’s impossible to verify the official amount without first seeing a nutrition facts list. There were disgruntled customers that didn’t know that the nutritional profile would be so high in unwanted ingredients.

It’s not a sign of quality when you’re unable to know what you will be eating before it’s served. This makes it impossible to determine if one will have issues with any food allergies, health considerations, or simply wants to limit certain additives. The official website does mention:

“you can order with confidenceknowing there are no surprises; just fresh, healthy, delicious meals”

It’s impossible to verify if these claims are true however, without examining the ingredients list. The link cited here has a list of the highest rated diet plans.

The Price and Quality of Diet-to-Go Diet

The price depends on the specific plan chosen. There’s a vegetarian, seafood free, and a men’s and women’s version. The men’s offers 1,600 calories; the women’s has 1,200 calories a day. Limiting calories this much can be hard to do if one isn’t receiving high quality protein and fiber.

You can select either a weeks or 5 days’ worth of meals, orwhether you want 3 meals a day or 2.

The price for a total of 3 meals a day for a full week in the original “Balance” diet for men’s is $183.59 per week. This can be broken down into 51 meals for a cost of each meal being $3.59.

This is a standard price for what one might pay for a standard frozen meal. Many customers who have tried this diet plan have referred to it as being like any other frozen meal as well. Without knowing exactly what kinds of ingredients are used it’s impossible to determine the overall quality. The top 10 ranked diet plans list is offered in the link provided here.

Business of Diet-to-Go Diet

The name of the company is also Diet-to-Go; they can be contacted via the following:

Phone Number: (800)743-7546

Email: support@diettogo.com

The company offers a credit for any food that was spoiled, impaired, or damaged if it’s a result of shipping. They do not allow returns and do not return money, only a credit is allowed.

They do claim to offer a refund of shipping cost if one is dissatisfied, but some have said they do not honor this.

The company has teamed up with certain gyms and convenience stores where one can pick up their foods. They also offer direct shipments nationwide via its frozen foods.

There were also complaints against the company:

“woman I talked to was very rude and said that I was cancelling late”

“They make it impossible for a refund”

“lack of customer service”

“asked them on Tuesday to cancel my second pick-up and pro-rate the cost, but they did neither, nor did they even respond to me”

There were issues due to a lack of communication and concerns about a lack of a refund. Many said that the customer service people were rude, and that the managers were unhelpful. Some found the company unreliable as well. For a comprehensive top 10 list of diets follow the link here.

EDITOR’S TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Customer Opinions of Diet-to-Go Diet

Here are some direct quotes from customers:

“90% of the meals delivered to me have literally been inedible”

“breakfasts were more like desert. One breakfast meal had 43 grams of sugar”

“claim it’s all freshly made that week and shipped out to you, yet it’s frozen and looked to be such for at least a couple of weeks”

“You will lose weightbecause you won’t want to eat any of the mushy, horrible food”

The major compliant from people was that the food offered is inedible and offered in small portions. Several reviews can be found online of dissatisfied customers. There was also concern that the foods seemed dated, and that they were no longer fresh. Pictures of the foods did show them to be in small portions and not very appetizing. People who tried many of the foods often said that the majority were difficult to eat.

People described the taste as being artificial, like a TV dinner, and processed. For a comprehensive listing of the highest rated diet plans click the link here.

Conclusion - Does Diet-to-Go Diet  Work?

The Diet-to-Go diet is made to help provide weight loss via a ready to heat series of direct delivered frozen and freshly made foods. If one lives near a center they even offer unfrozen foods, and support is offered for men, women, vegetarians, and those with carbohydrate limits or blood sugar concerns. Many users have said that the quality of food is poor, and the portions are too small to be satisfying. The calories are controlled which is good, but it’s unknown what’s inside of these dishes as no ingredients listing is offered. Customers have also criticized the quality of service and food. People mention that the company is unhelpful and does not schedule returns for what they found to be inedible frozen food.

Our experts have analyzed several diets and have found the most effective one for weight loss is the 18Shake Diet.It provides a combination of a meal replacement and diet pill. They help to suppress appetite for hours, while promoting potent fat burning effects. Both have only natural ingredients and are free of stimulants, artificial additives, binders, fillers, colors, or cheap thickeners. Many customers have left positive testimonials and reviews on the official website as well.

The 18Shake Diet is fully supported by a full 30 day money back return policy. All purchases are backed by this risk free no questions asked policy. Learn more information about the 18Shake Diet when you visit the link here.

How Does Diet to Go Compare?
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  • Diet to Go
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User Feedback

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#deittogo Diet to go has been great for me. I’m on an active quest to lose weight, and diet to go helps fill in the gaps for those weeks I just don’t have the time to plan. I’m a busy full time working mom, and having something arrive on your doorstep, ready to grab and go, without thinking about it is amazing. I want only fresh food, with no preservatives, and this is the way to go. There are some items which were just ok, and at times the directions have little to be desired; still overall, I enjoy the food I’ve tried with them…and they seem to be actively working on the kinks, which is refreshing. Their site does make it easy to substitute the entrée’s you didn’t enjoy. I don’t use this on-going as a weight loss system, only turn it off and on for when I know I’m going to have busy weeks. This is super easy and simple to do. I’ve even changed my plan with ease. At this point, I think the “low-carb” plan is the one for me, not because I’m a low carb fanatic, but because it’s simple delicious meals…a protein and some veggies, as fresh and as simple as it gets! Diet-to-go definitely gets my recommendation!

posted Oct 15th, 2013 6:05 pm



I like this diet and have had great results with weight losa The food is good and fills me up. The dinners are quite tasty, the breakfasts are good and the lunches are good enough.

posted Oct 1st, 2013 10:10 pm



Love it! Great food, so easy.

posted Sep 9th, 2013 4:33 pm



After taking time to research DTG I ordered the 1200 calorie program for myself then my husband proceeded to order the 1600 calorie program. The good news: the food was very good with a few exceptions. Some side items like the crackers in particular would be broken to the point of sawdust and when you take into consideration the excessive packaging, it's apparent that the crackers were packed broken.
The bad news: Inconsistent labeling...some products had nutritional information while others did not. Most labels were unreadable in sections due to moisture issues. Some would read the day of the week...Day 1 Lunch while others had nothing. No instructions were included for my husbands plan which left him guessing what to eat when and how to add the additional calories required. Keep in mind there are high delivery fees and an automatic reordering system. Some sandwiches have more calories & fat then a fast food alternative. I was also surprised to see branded items in my husbands plan such as Yoplait Yogurt.
Overall, we decided to cancel the program as we did not see the value.

posted Jul 22nd, 2013 2:53 pm

Jo T

I just picked up my first set of lo carb meals. Everything was just as I ordered but the chicken bacon dinner I ate tonight was less than satisfactory. The chicken was overcooked, very tough and rubbery. The best thing was the Brussell Sprouts and I hate Brussell Sprouts. Hopefully the other meals will be better.

posted Jun 26th, 2013 6:17 am

Too busy to grocery shop *and* cook...


Overall, we're sticking with it. I tried low-carb for about a month, but found it to be too fatty and it really kept me up at night.

I'm looking for low salt, low-carb, lower-than-moderate fat, and about 30 g of good lean protein with each meal. I can get this with low carb plan if I carefully pick my meal choices, don't eat all of the bread given (i.e. burgers become open-faced sandwiches, skip the rolls), *and* supplement with greek yogurt, drinks made with non-fat milk mixed with yogurt, Glucerna snack bars, or Calorie Smart Boost with meals and between meals.

We also feel we do not get enough veggies, even with the local delivery. "Generous" fruit and veggies is not true unless someone isn't used to eating them.

We really miss fresh fruit, but trying to watch the carbs so not supplementing that. Unfortunately, the fruit that is provided is not nearly as good as the seasonal fresh fruit we can get locally. Wonder why DTG doesn't take advantage of the bountiful fresh fruit available in the local pick-up service. Even the oranges are slightly green, and the apples have no flavor at all.

The best part is we do local pick-up, so no frozen packaging or freezer burn. We had been on BistroMD, loved the food taste, quality, and philosophy, but hated the freezer burn and styrofoam boxes. If Diet-to-Go was delivery only, we probably would not do that, either.

Losing weight slowly but steadily, and feel much better since I started supplementing the protein. (Careful of the lunches - many are 15 g protein or less.)

Up-shot: It's workable, and even with adding protein and veggies it's still lots easier than planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up for all meals, and costs less than eating out.

posted Jun 9th, 2013 10:31 pm



Was on the diet for 5 weeks. Everything paid beforehand.
The diet food itself was hit or miss.
Im writing because I receiving a shocking and nasty demand for mysterious payments owed via snail mail.
Wrote Ms Lynch via email and told them I was paid in full.
Havent heard anything back.

posted Jun 1st, 2013 4:39 am



I really wanted to like this company. I signed up because I am a calorie counter/label reader and wanted the ease of having fresh pre-calculated meals available for my busy work week. Bonus that it seemed it would save me a bit of money and possibly result in a bit of weight loss. I signed up for traditional low fat, L&D, 1200 calories. Assuming I would supply my own breakfast and snacks to equal 1600 - 1800 calories a day (my personal goal). ATTENTION!- these are not healthy meal choices!! Carb counts are outrageous! Fat grams per meal are more often than not above 25 grams per meal! Sodium levels are often more than 50% daily allowance per meal! some meals are more than 600 calories each! Vegetables consist of overcooked broccoli, undercooked carrots, a side of salsa or a V8.
Meals are not bad tasting but more processed that I care to ingest and definitely over-seasoned for my palate (SALTY!).
Moreover, of the 20 meals I ordered over a 2 week period - 5 have been mislabeled, 1 included more food than listed on the ingredients, 2 were missing items listed in ingredients, 1 had different items than listed and 2 had HAIR in them - yes, hair! Customer service has no answers other than to say the SF kitchen has a new manager! They did reimburse me for the 2 hair meals (I supplied photos) and the meal with different contents that stated. I'm sorry but regardless of management, this is unacceptable- from a hygiene perspective and a health perspective. Needless to say _ I cancelled. As another commenter stated, you are better off buy lean cuisine!

posted May 31st, 2013 6:59 pm

Lauren Beilinson


SUCH BAD BUSINESS!!!! all orders are standing orders so unless you read the fine print in your emails, you're going to get charged for the week following your order. SUCH A SCAM! it's like that friends episode about "quitting the gym." while their food wasn't half bad, i'm so disappointed with their customer service that i won't be returning for anymore meals. the fresh diet offers meals for far more money. i'd rather they have my business. honestly their food is better too. thanks for nothing diet to-go.

posted May 21st, 2013 8:49 pm



Holy High Carbs! the meals taste ok but one of my dinners actually had 780 calories and 145 grams of carbs. As a point of reference, that is more than a burger and fries from mcdonalds. this is not diet food and does not teach you how to eat healthy. for much less money you could simply purchase frozen lean cuisine meals and add your own salads. i have tried nutrisystem and jenny craig also and although the food is less tasty, it is more like actual diet food and is a fraction of cost. if you need to lose weight, use the free app "lose it" and just count 1200 healthy calories. no one gets skinny eating 145 grams of carbs in one meal.

posted Apr 25th, 2013 1:29 am

Catherine Dill


I tried Diet-to-go just for something different. I've been using it steadily for 3 months now. I wasn't trying to diet - but I lost a few pounds. I thought it would be expensive - but it is actually SAVING me money. Before I was eating out all of the time and having late night fast food runs. Now I stick to these meals and I have a lot of money by the end of the week. But the BIGGEST surprise is how much I like not having to "deal" with food. No cooking, no doing dishes, no shopping for food....the time savings is worth every dime of the program.

Oh yeah - and the meals are tasty too! I only planned to try it for a week, but still look forward to each week of food arriving. They screw up my substitutions a lot, and the sides are always messed up. But they will credit me for any meals that are wrong if I contact them. And it isn't usually a huge mess.

posted Apr 18th, 2013 3:58 am



Picked up my first low carb order this week. I was supposed to get 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners. They were out of stock on all but 3 items on the scheduled menu. Actually received 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 7 dinners 5 of which were identical -- some were even mislabeled. Terrible and very disappointing. Cancelled right away. I can understand being out of stock on some items but they should not send dinners instead of breakfast and lunch and all the same.

posted Mar 16th, 2013 2:49 pm



Diet-to-go program works perfect, plus I am at the gym almost every day doing different types of exercising on different day from cardio and muscle strength to some special ones from my orthopedist to strengthen my muscles around meniscus. The good thing about that diet that it is really tasty and has enough meal for me to feel full and satisfied. Every time I have to skip the meal my family want to eat it. It is fresh; I am picking it up two times a week from my gym. No shopping with the chance to buy sweets or something unhealthy, no cooking. They have three different types of low fat, low crabs, and vegetarian. The plan has different meals for 5 weeks in each diet. So it will take me a while until I get sick of the same food. The program online calculates your calorie intake in order to lose about 2,5 lb a week according to your weight, gender, age, activity level and goal. You can eat something not significant outside of those three meals to reach your calorie level. You can switch once a week, you can change meals you don't like, you can order separately breakfast, lunch or dinner, it could be 7 times a week or just once a week. It is very flexible. One meal is about $6-$8. I just really enjoy it. It is really the first diet I don't feel hungry, low energy or headache every day. I’ve already lost 11Lb in one month. Because I can switch it regularly from protein to low fat to vegetarian I am hoping my plateau is not going to hit me soon. :)

posted Mar 12th, 2013 4:50 pm

Reynaldo Davila


I have no idea what is occurring within that Organization but it is not good. I was with them for close to a year. The meals were never too good and some times really bad; but it was convenient. They never revamped the menu and it was the same month after month. Lately there were disruptions on delivery, which was then restored but meals were delivered all turned over and mixed up. The packaging has always been deficient. Finally they called me stating some contrary facts about the dealers saying I needed to pay more now if I wanted to continue with the program. Pretty bad customer service. I'm done with them and good riddance too.

posted Feb 6th, 2013 9:22 pm


I was really surprised to see the bad reviews. I have had a great experience with diet to go. I did it for convenience, not weight loss, for both me and my husband. I was very skeptical, as my husband is very picky and was against the whole idea. He does the regular meals and I did the vegetarian. We both were very happy with the food quality -- it was MUCH better and MUCH fresher than I expected (we do local pick up, so I can't speak for the home delivery). I like the lunches best -- the quinoa salad is delicious! I have started and stopped several times for vacations and it is easy to do online. My first order was wrong (not vegetarian -- my error) and the customer service was great and they even refunded me the cost of the meat meals I received and could not eat. If there is something you don't like you can swap it out. My only complaint is that there is not a portion greater than 1600 calories. For my husband he still eats the lunch dinner and one more meal in the afternoon/evening. He would love if there was an option for bigger portions for those getting diet to go for convenience and not weightloss, or if every meal came with dessert :)

posted Jan 24th, 2013 1:14 am



Have tried DTG for 5 weeks. I find them flexible, started with BLD, then changed to only Lunch/Dinner 5 days a week. Switched to Low Carb just to try everything. You can substitute meals, but so far, I find their Chefs do an excellent job with seasoning. My only negative is that the plastic containers break in shipment, so you have to be careful that you don't get the pieces in your food when warming it up. I defrost in the refrig. then use the Reheat on the microwave, and everything comes out great.

posted Jan 18th, 2013 4:21 pm


I did DTG for 6 months about a year ago-if you make a few substitutions here and there, it's GREAT! Kind of pricey, but the idea of good food with no decisions ws very appealing. I lost over 40 pounds at that time before I had to D/C due to family issues. But I'm going to start again this week, and am REALLY looking forward to it!

posted Jan 3rd, 2013 12:52 am



You don't get to select what you want to eat. I got an entire week where almost every meal was turkey. I said I didn't like pork and I got ham. Ick. The turkey burger was paired with the biggest roll I've ever seen. I'd prefer a little taste in the burger to a massive roll that doesn't fit the burger anyway. Not impressed at all. Very few options and they just give you whatever they have. Seems like the week i ordered they were really trying to unload a lot of turkey. Hope it wasn't leftover from all the turkey at Thanksgiving. Maybe stores were unloading turkey very cheaply because I cannot understand why every meal is turkey. Who the heck wants plain sliced turkey? It's dry and tasteless and there is no way to avoid it.

posted Dec 22nd, 2012 5:13 pm


Diets to Go has good food and polite customer service. However, they have repeatedly ignored my instructions regarding the delivery times. They sent me an order this week in spite of my telling them both verbally and in writing to only send week 1 and 4 menus They never confirm anything by email. Therefore, I told them to stop all shipments.as I have limited freezer space not to mention time to waste. In short, their service does not match the quality of their food.

posted Dec 12th, 2012 9:37 pm



I had no problem with the food; my problem was with their organization. I had clearly stated I could not eat some items, and it was noted on my shipping order. However, they still delivered them. Because this involved allergies, I decided to cancel my meal delivery. I did it within the time frame, using the DTG form. They said they never received my form and I currently have a pending charge on my credit card AND they delivered the food anyway. DTG refused to remove charge OR to cancel/recall delivery. My credit card company says they will deal with DTG, but I would not recommend them to anyone, ever.

posted Dec 5th, 2012 4:25 pm


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QUICK FACTSQUICK FACTS Start the Diet Now Advertisement
  • Established: 1991
  • Founder: Hilton Davis
  • Headquarters: Lorton, VA
  • Accessibility: Online
  • Diet Type: Food delivery, low-fat, low-carb, vegetarian
  • Gender: Male and female

Do You Know the Best Diet Pills of 2017?


It's no wonder we struggle to maintain our weight. With busy work, family and social commitments, our chaotic lifestyles leave us little time to plan and prepare healthy meals. As a result, weight loss and health become less of a priority. Diet to Go offers the solution to finding the balance between your hectic life and desire to eat nutritious meals. Diet to Go is a delivery service that offers delicious meals, either via a fresh delivery or frozen delivery.

With the Diet to Go meal delivery plans, there are three options to choose from. Whether you choose the low-fat, low-carbohydrate or vegetarian meal plan, there is a 100 percent guarantee that you will be satisfied with your food. Diet to Go has been helping people lose weight for over 20 years and the plans are customizable to fit your schedule and budget. The goal of Diet to Go is to provide fresh and healthy food in the proper portion sizes that is delicious and makes weight loss easy. Within the three different meal plans, you can also choose to do fresh local pickup if it is available in your area, or simply have it delivered via FedEx. The low-fat meal plan is the most popular of the meal plans while the low-carb plan is slightly more expensive.

  • Provides a structured eating plan for busy people
  • Meets broad nutritional standards
  • Supports efforts for weight loss
  • Offers convenience
  • Broad selection in menu choices, including vegetarian and low-carb
  • Shipping available nationwide for frozen meals
  • Competitively priced
  • Fresh service limits any need for grocery shopping
  • Variety of pricing structures to meet your schedule and budget
  • You won't feel hungry
  • May not be cost effective for entire families
  • Must provide own fresh vegetables with the frozen delivery option
  • Fresh delivery not available in all areas

This Virginia-based company has cut out all the usual diet work of counting calories and carbs and simply delivers meals to your home that meet your dietary needs, be it reduced-fat, low-calorie, low-carb or even vegetarian.

Diet to Go offers meals that meet the guidelines of the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association, maintaining standards with low-fat, low-sodium and low-cholesterol meals.

Diet to Go works to help you lose weight without the complications of meal planning and cooking. The meal plans are based on research and eliminate the need to count calories. If you find there is a meal that you don’t care for, you can fill out a substitution form to have a different meal sent on your next order. For the low-fat menu option, you can choose from a meal plan that offers 1,200 or 1,600 calories daily. These meals are low in sodium and include all of your fruits, vegetables and condiments. Some of the low-fat menu items you can choose from include:

  • Harissa Salmon
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Curry Shrimp
  • Italian Meatballs

The low-fat vegetarian meal plan is great for those that prefer to leave meat out of their diet. This type of menu helps keep your eating healthy while being satisfying and giving you the essential protein your body needs. As with the low-fat meal plan, the vegetarian plan offers 1,200 and 1,600 calorie options. The vegetarian meal plan does contain dairy and eggs so it wouldn’t be suitable for those that eat a vegan diet. These meals are low in sodium and include fresh and natural ingredients. Some of the vegetarian meal options you have to choose from are:

  • Vegetarian Burrito
  • Black Bean Chili
  • Chana Masala
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Armenian Stew

The last meal plan option is the low-carb plan. This plan offers five weeks of menus of freshly prepared food with no additives. Instead of counting calories each day, these meals are measured by their level of net carbs. With this meal plan, you will consume 30 net carbs each day, receive all of the sides and condiments you need and be following an Atkins style low-carb program. Diet to Go takes all of the guess work out of losing weight. Some of your sample meals with the low-carb program are listed below.

  • Chicken Italiano
  • Herbed Catfish
  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Beef Pot Roast
  • Cod Loin with Lemon Herb Sauce

If you are receiving the fresh-prepared meal, you'll find little need to go to the grocery store, as the meals come accompanied by generous portions of fruits, vegetables, smoothies, bread or rice, and other sides.

If you are receiving the frozen meal service, you will want to compliment each meal with the healthy sides of your choosing.


Diet to Go focuses on the meal portion of a healthy lifestyle so there are no specific exercise recommendations provided. There are some articles available through the Diet to Go blog that can help guide your fitness and exercise to work well with the meal plan for maximum results.


As with any meal delivery service, it may be a financial extravagance for some. However, compared to its competitors and for the quality of the product, Diet to Go is reasonably priced.

Whether using Diet to Go to help you manage your own weight loss goals, or seeking it as a solution to provide your family more balanced and varied meals, this meal delivery program provides a well-structured, tasty, variety that supports your goals.

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A sampling of feedback and experiences shared by our community.

The food was way better than what I had anticipated. I’m really glad that DTG is very affordable. I can finally experience a meal replacement program that consists of real food. -- Jemay Cinco

I was not disappointed. I real like the meal selections. Works great for me. -- FITGURL

I have really enjoyed just about every single meal I have had this week … I lost 1.5 pounds in 3 days and I love the convenience. I would recommend to anyone sitting on the fence. -- Jenny

Well-balanced meals that are extremely convenient. I can't figure out how they manage to keep the vegetables so fresh, though they do. -- Lori Jo Vest

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