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Raviosagne x 3

“I can still help a friend without sacrificing our own meal,” is a freeing revelation by challenger DietDiva when trying to balance healthy, homemade meals and doubling up the work by preparing meals for others.

Raviosagne x 3

Last night dinner at my house was more than a challenge … I had myself in a pickle. Without thinking I offered to deliver dinners for two friends on the same night who just brought babies home from the hospital this week! Not only did I have to prepare a healthy dinner for my family but I needed to triple my batch, prepare all this food while caring for my two young kids and finish early enough to deliver the meals so my friends could bake and enjoy them before it got too late for dinner (although I’m sure those babies are keeping them up pretty late these days)! I was feeling more than overwhelmed when I came to check in here on the blog. I heard another contributor talking about the easy Raviosagne recipe from I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening!

After a quick trip to the grocery store I came home and cranked out three delicious trays of the lasagna in about 15 minutes from start to finish! One for each of my friends and their families and one for us! Typically when I plan to cook and deliver a meal for a friend I take the “Easy” route and grab fast food for my family that night so I’m only preparing one meal and not in the kitchen all day! But I found out things can be just as easy and I can still help a friend without sacrificing our own meal and do it all in enough time to cuddle two adorable new babies, take care of my family and make it to church! Can I hear an amen? ;)

The dinner was wonderful and the homes where I needed to deliver the meals were across town near my in-laws home so I took ours over to share with them. There were smiles all around that night and when I went to bed I was feeling so accomplished.

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