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Challenger bdba673 is asking for your help Cook at Home Challenge community. Getting started preparing healthy meals when it hasn’t been your habit can be difficult. Post in the comments your tips and suggestions. Plus, we recommend browsing our library of healthy recipes and bookmarking your faves in your MyDIR account! Not to mention grabbing a copy of Chef Devin’s new I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening.

I grew up where everything was FRIED and I know how bad it is for me and my family but its hard for me to break the habit! I want to cook better but finding the recipes and everything is what I have trouble with. Not to mention if I do find one I like i forget it when I go to the store and just go back to my old high fat non healthy recipes! I am soooo over weight it I find it hard to walk to the mailbox and that makes me cry and I think I am so depressed I sometime just feel like giving up. I want to be healthy and happy! Please help me start!

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