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momof4’s Entries

Something Old and Something New

Challenger Momof4 gives her family a dinner favorite, and surprises them by adding asparagus. She admits it wasn’t a hit, but also knows she’s got to keep trying!

Something Old and Something New

Tonight I made the boys favorite and added something new. I made my spaghetti tonight. I use whole grain spaghetti noodles, organic spaghetti sauce, and fresh grated parmesan cheese. Tonight I added fresh asparagus. It wasn’t a total hit but they did try it. Something new has to be given a couple of chances. Although there were no leftovers of the spaghetti tonight.

Tacos from Home

This is what we’re talking about! Challenger Momof4 chose homemade tacos over drive-thru tacos, losing the processed food and gaining quality time with her kids.

Last night for dinner instead of going to Taco bell we stayed home and made our own tacos. We used taco shells, a little cheese, refried beans and lettuce. The boys loved them and never complained about staying home to eat. Gave us a chance to talk and saved them from eating alot of the preservatives from fast food.

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