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cece9599’s Entries

No Oven Used?

This is what the challenge is all about, Cece9599!

Hi, DIR Family… This was simple and not out of the ordinary, but the weather has been great here so we pulled out the grill! Grill Chicken breast with some seasoning, oil and vinegar wrapped in foil with asparagus. No cleaning oven and no dishes to wash, just threw the paper plates away. The family loved it and spent time with playing volley ball while we waited for the food. Now, isn’t this what the challenge is about cooking healthy and spending more time with family? til tomorrow DIR Fam

Healthy Pasta….hum!

Thanks to challenger Cece9599 for sharing her take on this week’s mini challenge to find a new pasta.

Hi, DIR Family…. Sorry haven’t been up here been sick and now I am back. My family went crazy over the pasta dish I made, Doesn’t gave a name but here it is. Whole Wheat Penne Pasta , We grilled some chicken breast on the grill, chopped that up into cubes, add some steamed broccoli and then add some paul newmans marinara sauce tossed, add a salad [of course] and there you go it was great! And the kids loved it too. See you all tomorrow. Cece

My Thank God its Friday Breakfast….

Challenger Cece9599 shares a simple recipe that gets her and her entire family out the door with a satisfying and healthy breakfast.

Good Morning DIR Family…. This morning was a quick breakfast, but good for you also. I made Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie here it is… 1 cup of vanilla soy milk, 1 teas of natural peanut butter, 1 banana, 6 ices cubes and blend, pair it up with a whole wheat english muffin, and you are off and so are your kids. My husband is in law enforcement so he loves he can take it with him, and my oldest daughter is trying to watch her figure! [while dad watches the boys] Anyway, its good for you and easy. Have a blessed weekend and dont forget to watch your calories… Cece in norfolk va

Fish Nite

A new recipe the entire family enjoys? That’s a win for challenger Cece9599.

Good Morning All…. Well last night I had a brain storm. I wanted something lite, but filling. So this is it… I made some tilapia lightly breaded with seasoned croutons, light seasoning salt and butter spray, bake for about 15 mins or until its flaky, along with some steam asparagus with a little olive oil. And guess what? MY KIDS LOVED IT!!!! I had to make them save some for their dad. And of course, we made s’mores again, we all love that recipe. Until tomorrow Diet Family May God bless all of you.

Breakfast Slam

This home-cooked breakfast by challenger CeCe9599 is sure to fuel her kids throughout the school day!

I know this might sound like an oldie but goodie but it worked. I got my kids to eat breakfast before school!!! Ok. here it is… One egg and liquid egg whites, put it in a omelet pan , add veggies, tom, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, cook and fold over, with some salsa on the side. And there you go they got their protein, and their veggies in at the same time! Everyone have a great day!

Cooking with Cece

A little deception can be a key part of a mom’s arsenal in the kitchen, and challenger CeCe9599 wielded it well over this healthy dinner of turkey burgers. There was even room for s’mores afterward!

It was very hard to satisfy everyone last night. So I made Jenny O Turkey Burgers [but I didnt tell my kids it was turkey burger] with a whole wheat bun, a salad with tom, cheese alfa sprouts and dressing on the side. And it was great! The Jenny O Turkey burgers already have the peppers onions already made into the burger, [in the freezer section]. And we also needed a little dessert, I made the s’mores recipe that Devin spoke of. Graham crackers, 2 hershey kisses and marshmellows, low cal but does not tast like it. Til later ,Cece In Norfolk, Va

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