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Turkey Salad – Simple!

Challenger Mdfree6566 has got a simple solution to those harried mid-week dinners. We’re a big fan of using the store-bought rotisserie chickens and turkeys too (just be sure to remove the skin!).

Late getting home? Stressful day? Dishes not done from last night? No problem… grocery store rotisserie turkey breast!

Head of romaine lettuce, cleaned, spun and torn to bite size

Assorted Bell Peppers, sliced and diced

Pre-cut Carrots

Grape Tomatoes

About a cup of shredded turkey, cold, right off the precooked breast

Ken’s For Your Health Balsamic Vinagrette

And anything else that happens to be in your kitchen…just toss it in. Simple, nutritious, good veg, protein, little fat. YUMMY!

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