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drjkmc’s Entries

My Time to Shine

Welcome to the challenge Drjkmc! She wants the Cook at Home Challenge to be the catalyst toward her healthier lifestyle; we hope that’s one of the many things she takes away from it, too!

The title I chose is something my trainer told me once, that it’s my time to shine. I’ve never really felt like this but for 2010 I’ve decided it’s about time I change my mindset!

I’ve increased my physical activity a great deal in the past three years but I know in order to really achieve my wellness goals I need to improve upon my eating habits. Living alone, it’s easier to grab a snack or convenience food item instead of cooking a healthy meal for myself. I like to cook, but like I said, for just one person it can be difficult.

I’m hoping this challenge will be the catalyst to help me on to the next step toward an even healthier life.


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