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Healthier Eating

Challenger Bethanyap shares how her weight loss and healthy new habits have influenced her children. Kudos on that! We also love how she’s rolling trying new foods into their home school curriculum!

I have been dieting and have lost a lot of weight, but through this whole experience, I realize what an impact it has been on my children. They are now very aware of what they are eating and if it’s healthy or not. I mean yes they still want an occasional cookie or piece of candy, but for the most part they will ask, “Mom, is this good for me?” Makes me feel even better than just losing the weight. At least now they are learning what things are good for them or not.

I also homeschool, and one thing we have started doing is buying a fruit or vegetable that we do not normally eat or that the boys have never tried and trying it several different ways. We usually study and of coarse taste the food. This has been so much fun and educational all at the same time. They have learned alot and most importantly not judge food by it’s appearance. It’s definately worth trying if you have small children. It’s more fun than I thought it would be.

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