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asthenight’s Entries

Save on Snacks

Challenger AsTheNight offers a simple and healthy sweet tooth solution!

I have a weakness for “sweet and sour” candies during the evening.

I found I can satisfy that craving by eating a couple of sliced and frozen strawberries.

They’re all natural and have a lot less calories.

What Will You Remember?

Some wonderful thoughts from challenger AsTheNight on the long-term benefits of cooking at home.

We’re retired now, but we’re still as busy as we ever were. But we still make sure to gather at the table for breakfast and dinner daily, and for lunch when we can.

We enjoy the time we share cooking, eating and cleaning up, and some of our best memories are of times gathered around the table with family and friends near and far.

It’s what our children remember, too.

What will you remember?

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