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Guilt-Free Broccoli Soup

We like the way challenger ninemoremonths thinks! She’s tackling some of her, and our, favorite soups and recreating the recipes to make them healthy indulgences. Quick, someone get some broccoli and a stock pot!

I’m all about soup, and when you don’t have to feel guilty about eating an entire bowl of it, well that’s right up my alley. I recently lightened-up French Onion Soup and it went over pretty well. I thought I would tackle another one of my favorites. Cream of Broccoli soup. Sure I could go to the store and grab a can of low-fat cream of broccoli junk and heat it up, but what fun is that? And the taste, well I won’t even go there.

Now, in order to lighten up the soup I ditched the cream. It has the same cheesy-broccoli flavor I love, but it is not thick and creamy. So please do not be disappointed in the texture because the taste is still great!

Angela’s Guilt-free Broccoli Soup:

- 2 cups of broccoli tops
- 1 cube of vegetable boullion
- 2 tbsp Fage 0% greek yogurt
- 2 cups water
- 1/2 oz shredded cheddar cheese
- salt and pepper to taste


In a pot, add the broccoli, water, and bouillion. Simmer on low until broccoli is softened, but still green. Using a potato-masher, break the broccoli into smaller pieces. If you prefer a less chunky soup, you can use a hand blender, but be careful not to burn yourself. Next, add the yogurt and salt and pepper, and stir well. Serve with cheese on top, and enjoy.

This recipe will make a heaping bowl of soup, or two small bowls if you’re nice enough to share. I ate it so fast that I didn’t bother to get a picture, oops!

This entire recipe has about 150 calories in it. If I were to go to a restaurant and get a cup of broccoli soup half this size, it would have nearly double the calories. But best of all, it was delicious, and filled me up for hours. I hope you get a chance to try it and that you love it as much as I did.

Next time maybe I’ll take a stab at Potato Soup, one of the biggest calorie offenders!

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