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Eating Healthy in Florida

From challenger Pam1255 comes another story of a family saving money, eating healthier and gaining more time together all because they started cooking at home instead of dining out. This is what the Cook at Home Challenge is all about!

Our attempt at healthy cooking was grilled chicken or grilled fish then pasta, repeat. Boring! So we’d fall into the habit of eating out and lose our healthy way.

At Christmas a good friend gave me the Biggest Loser Cookbook. I was so excited to begin trying new recipes, but after the holidays we got busy and once again fell into our eating out habit and the cookbook was cast aside.

Last week I was in Barnes and Nobel and saw the latest copy of “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Fattening”. So I bought it and told my husband and son that everyone had to pick out several recipes to try as we would be eating at home in order to eat healthier and to save money.

My first shopping trip to the grocery store was a bit of sticker shock, but when I thought about how much we spent on eating out I realized that we were actually saving money.

Every night I pick out the new recipe for the next nights dinner. My son is helping me in the kitchen and is learning to cook. I’m enjoying the company since before I was only me in the kitchen and everyone else was on the couch watching tv.

After dinner we write on the recipe page comments about the dish and anything different we would do, (ie: don’t use “fast cooking” long grain wild rice, cook 30 minutes instead of 25) also whether we liked it or not.

So, not only is my family eating healthier but eating together.

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Brian C

Eating right can be expensive but really what's more important?

posted Mar 24th, 2010 11:46 am


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