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Hungry Girl

Lisa Lillien is the mastermind behind the wildly popular Hungry Girl series, cookbooks that let dieters enjoy all their favorite indulgent and comfort foods with alternative ingredients that have fewer calories and fat but all of the flavor.

Hungry Girl – Diet Reviews

  • Hungry Girl Happy Hour

    Happy hour can now be done by your rules with these 75 Hungry Girl Happy Hour drink and appetizer recipes from author Lisa Lillien.

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  • Vitalicious

    Vitalicious makes it possible to enjoy delicious fresh-baked muffins and cakes without any of the guilt. These nutritious, delicious treats from Vitalicious are packed with vitamins, fiber and whole grains, and only have 100 calories per serving.

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  • Hungry Girl

    Hungry Girl is a fun and sassy cookbook that offers recipes for all of your favorite foods with less fat and calories, plus healthy alternatives for baking.

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Hungry Girl – Videos

  • Hungry Girl Yoplait Taste Test

    It's Hungry Girl's first-ever video short. Check out Hungry Girl Lisa and her pal Jerry sampling the latest and greatest from the world of yogurt! They sample three of Yoplait Light's cake flavors, like strawberry shortcake and pineapple...

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Hungry Girl – Blog Posts

  • Interview with Hungry Girl's Lisa Lillien

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  • Hungry Girl's Cookbook

    <a href="" title="Hungry Girl" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Hungry Girl" alt="Hungry Girl"...

  • Hungry Girl's Healthy Holiday Tips

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  • 12 Foods that Burn Fat

    Lisa Lillien, the low-cal eating guru behind the <a href="" target="_blank" title="Hungry Girl">Hungry Girl </a>website and cookbook has recently compiled a list...