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  • Ice Cube Diet

    Ice cubes with hoodia claim to suppress your appetite.

  • Burner Balm

    A lip balm that boosts metabolism and slims you down.

  • Healthe Trim

    Get high school-skinny with this appetite-suppressing supplement.

  • TrimDay

    Lose weight and feel great with three weight loss ingredients.

  • Slim Weight Patch

    A patch to quit those unhealthy eating habits.

  • Chito Gold

    Weight loss in a bottle or just another hoodia supplement?


    An on-the-go energy drink that suppresses appetite.

  • Living Lean Smoothie

    A smoothie that can help banish cravings and pounds.

  • SlimAid

    A diet pill for rapid and drastic weight loss.

  • Skinny Patch

    Will this all natural patch help you lose weight?

  • Ephedra Hoodia Fusion

    A diet pill claiming to have a safe form of ephedra.

  • TrioThin

    A triple-action weight loss supplement.

  • Phendrexin XR

    A power-packed diet pill that revs your metabolism.

  • Unique Hoodia

    There is only one ingredient in this weight loss supplement.

  • Diet Defense

    A weight loss nasal spray that promises to shed pounds.

  • Slim 365

    Hoodia, Green tea and Chitosan in one diet pill.

  • Lipodrene

    An herbal diet pill that burns calories and reduces cravings.

  • Cyclazene

    A four-week diet pill with four proven ingredients.

  • Ronaxil

    This hoodia diet pill is all the rage in Norway.

  • Accomplix

    A diet pill with hoodia, guarana and green tea.