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The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet

A French diet that has helped many A-list celebrities lose weight.

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  • Established: Book published in 2000 after over 20 years of research
  • Founder: Dr. Pierre Dukan
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Accessibility: Book and online coaching
  • Diet Type: Low-glycemic index, high protein and low-carbohydrate
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen

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The Dukan Diet is a French-based weight loss plan that was rumored to be followed by Kate Middleton, model Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez, following their pregnancies.

Created by Dr. Pierre Dukan, the diet is the number one weight loss plan in the UK attracting women of all shapes, sizes and ages to help them lose weight. It is also referred to as the "Je ne sais pas maigrir" ("I don't know how to lose weight") diet plan.

The plan is centered around eating protein-based meals in a four-cycled program. The four cycles are: Attack, Weight Loss, Stabilization and Cruise.

The Dukan Diet is a remastered version of the Protein-Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF), which is a high-protein diet that was created over three decades ago for obese individuals.

The Dukan Diet has been criticized for being a fad diet as well as a diet that may be dangerous because of its strict guidelines.

You can expect to lose three to five pounds per week while following it.

There is both a Dukan Diet website and book that lays out very clearly what the diet entails including what you can and can't eat, portion sizes and the length of time you should remain in each phase in relation to your weight loss goal.

A new English language edition of Dr. Dukan's book was released on April 19, 2011. It is called The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever and claims to be "The Real Reason The French Stay Thin." There is also a companion cookbook.

  • Will result in weight loss
  • Can help to jump-start a sluggish metabolism
  • Includes a daily exercise plan

  • Strict guidelines are likely to cause weight regain
  • May be dangerous for some who are at risk for electrolyte imbalances
  • Considered a fad diet
  • Likely to produce moodiness and lethargy especially during the first phase

The Dukan Diet is comprised of four specific phases that cycle the kinds of protein and carbohydrates you consume. The reason for this cycling is to dip into fat stores for energy and trick the metabolism into an efficient fuel-burning machine.

Few starchy carbohydrates are allowed except for those in the form of low glycemic vegetables like lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, radishes and broccoli. In addition, oat bran should be consumed each day. Its amount varies according to the phase of the diet you are in. Oat bran is also a staple ingredient in many of the Dukan Diet recipes.

Here is a breakdown of the four cycles:

  • Attack Phase: Only very lean veal, beef, chicken (skinless) and turkey (skinless), fish and shellfish, eggs, fat-free dairy products are allowed. Greek yogurt with 0 percent fat and plain yogurt are considered great choices for dairy. Tons of fresh water is also required. This phase should not be followed for longer than 10 days.

  • Cruise Phase: Alternating in five-day cycles, you cycle back and forth between eating protein and non-starchy vegetables and eating only protein. No butter or oil can be used and tons of fresh water is required. Follow this phase until your goal weight is attained.

  • Consolidation Phase: One serving of fruit, two slices of whole wheat bread and 1.5 ounces of cheese is allowed each day. Two times each week, you are allowed to eat two 5-ounce servings of starch, like potatoes, rice or another grain. Protein is also a mainstay. In addition, two times a week, you can eat a cheat meal including wine and dessert. But the day after these cheat meals, you can only consume protein. The Stabilization phase is done for the number of days that equals four days for every half-pound lost.

  • Stabilization: Normal eating is resumed with one day a week devoted to consuming only protein.

A quality vitamin and mineral supplement must also be taken in order to maintain proper nutrient intake. Spices, moderate amounts of diet soda, artificial sweeteners are allowed. No added sugars, fats, oils or sugary condiments are allowed.


Walking is the form of exercise that is strongly encouraged within each phase. You are expected to walk 20 to 30 minutes a day, depending upon the phase you are in. The book also includes several strength-training exercises you can also incorporate into your daily routine.

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The Dukan Diet is a high protein weight loss plan that cycles you back and forth between a protein-based diet that allows for certain kinds, quantities and frequencies of carbohydrates.

The diet is a mega hit in the Europe as well as with some celebrities. And while it receives a few gold stars for its clear guidelines and its capacity to help you lose weight, it probably won't result in long-term weight loss and it may even cause health problems or at the very least, moodiness and dreams of bread, particularly during the Attack phase.

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I started Dukan diet today. I have great hopes for it. It encompasses the foods I love and lets me enjoy dairy. My question is..is fat free dairy...e.g. yogurt and milk...limited?

posted Dec 19th, 2010 10:01 pm

Graham McFadden


My step-mum went on this diet because she needed an operation on her knees. The doctor told her they would both need to be replaced by artificial ones!
She lost 4 stone in three months.
I have been on the diet for four weeks now and have lost 15lbs. I don't feel hungry and have lots of energy. The moodiness and constipation haven't hit me, so all is good!

posted Dec 16th, 2010 1:04 pm


I have been on this diet for two months and have lost just over 30lbs (13kgs) and I am absolutely delighted.
I have found the diet extremely easy and never really feel hungry. I have also become very organised with food for the week by planning ahead. (so I don't cheat).

I have had two moments of madness when I have cheated really badly, but there have also been lots of time that I could have cheated but haven't as I feel motivated by how well I am doing, and also just learning to say no.

The Oatbran and Muller Light in the morning will now be my staple breakfast even when I finished because I love it so much and it fills me up till lunch time. I alternate and have eggs & lean bacon for brekkie every three days. I love vegetables and chicken and fish so maybe that is why I have found it so easy.
I don't miss bread as much as I thought I would, but I do miss my crisps, chips and fruit.

What I have learnt from this diet is what my body needs and doesn't need and how to moderate my eating (a plus for me as I am a serial snacker)
In our office this diet is slowly becoming a way of us, as five people have done it and stuck to it and kept the weight off and more are starting in the New year as they are so impressed with the weight we have lost and how fab we look.
I am consolidating now and instead of just eating an apple in one go, I cut it up and pick at it through the day, which means I appreciate it more and the same for melon. I am not eating bread every day just at the weekends, when I can enjoy my cheese on toast with the kids, and I only have pasta one a week. But that's what works for me and now I look forward to it more and don't feel like i'm denying myself, especially as I'll be in the phase until early March.
No I'm about to get out there and buy my size 12 party dresses for Christmas yay

posted Dec 11th, 2010 7:58 pm



I am on day 7 of this diet and I do not feel good. The pros' and cons' of my experience:

1. I haven't been drinking alcohol (except for one slip) for a week and for that I feel great. (actually this is the best part of the diet)

2. The no carbs bit means I am more alert and I can watch a movie now without falling asleep!

3. The Dukan emails each day make you feel like you are not alone in the battle

4. I didn't feel hungry on this diet but you must have a full fridge of the food suggestions or you will fall off the wagon


1. This is a terribly unhealthy diet.

2. Any diet that doesn't allow that holy grail of heath food like 'olive oil' should not be followed

3. It positively encourages you to eat dreadful stuff like 'diet coke' and it proclaims how great 'aspartame' is (which is carcinogenic)

4. It encourages the eating of dry cured meats, which are full of nitrates.

5. You can't eat fruit until the consolation stage which could take months

6. It causes terrible constipation, despite my drinking 2 litres of water a day, I actually put on weight because my healthy ' daily regular pattern' evaporated and I felt terrible as a result.

7. I stopped the diet because, apart from the fish, it felt so unhealthy. My mother was encouraged to do on a low-fate diet decades ago and she developed Parkinsons. I'm not saying low-carb diets do that, but not eating a balanced diet is wrong.

8. Women (as they are the tarket market) are held hostage to these fad diets without thinking it through. Yes we eat too much carbs but you donâ??t have to eliminate them. Yes itâ??s important to eat good G1 food so you donâ??t get hungry but not when it risks your health. We are almost prepared to die for a diet and pay for the privilage!

Many followers of this diet proclaim great results but we really should know their start weight. Because if they have a lot to shift then any diet is going to do this quickly.

On a positive note it did teach me about choosing things like fat-free yoghurts etc when shopping which I will work into a normal healthy diet.

I can't believe I fell for this rubbish, I am a healthy woman that wants to lose approx 16 lbs, I feel that this diet has make me feel unhealthy and I hope it hasn't caused long-term health issues.

As for it being the reason that French women are thin, that is total rubbish. I live in France and any cooking program here always have chefs liberally using olive oils, butter, creams. The reason the French are thin is (a)0 its genetic and they are small-boned (b) they do have very little carbs on a dinner plate but what they do have is delicious and therefore you don't need much. and (c) they eat small portions of everything.

I am so missing my baguette and salt crystal butter, which I will return to now, but this time I will eat it in small quantities.

Why I might take away from this diet is to do a protein day on a Thursday, eating mainly fish and consigning all the other nasty Dukan stuff to the bin.

posted Nov 21st, 2010 8:20 am


For those of you who have done the program, do you recommend getting the Recipe book as well? Is it worth the investment or is there a site I can go to for free?

posted Oct 24th, 2010 4:26 pm

jessica lang

has any one bought the products from the dukan online shop?

posted Oct 22nd, 2010 1:09 am


The Dukan Diet is working for me.

I have been on it for 24 days and have already lost 16 pounds.

It is easy to follow and drinking a lot of water is good for you as well.

I stayed on the Attack Phase for 10 days and lost 8.5 pounds.

It appears that I will reach my desired weight sooner than anticipated. Then I will continue with the last 2 phases to maintain my weight loss.

posted Oct 21st, 2010 1:25 am



Day 7 for me, and I'm down 9 pounds so far which is amazing to me! It doesn't feel like I'm starving myself, and the weight keeps dropping off. The first four days were in the Attack phase, and the main challenge for me has been planning menus that I can convert for the rest of my family. I've found it easiest to cook lean meat the Dukan way, and then add sauce & sides for the other family members. Favorite meal last week was skirt steak on the Foreman grill, seasoned w/ salt & pepper, and then made a Greek yogurt dip w/ a bit of lemon juice, paprika, & slim chives...delicious and I didn't feel like I was missing out, even though hubby got to enjoy twice-baked potato & veggies with his.

It is definitely a restrictive diet, and I've had to be more creative in the kitchen with seasoning and coming up w/ new ways to use oat bran (mix it w/ egg whites & cook like a crepe, and it makes a decent tortilla for taco night...yay!). I haven't experienced any moodiness or fatigue, like some people on this diet complain about, but I've also been doing more yoga which I'm sure helps with that.
Before this diet, I tried to lose weight by cutting calories...even consuming under 1000 calories a day, I still didn't lose weight. My body just became used to having fewer calories, and therefore used up fewer calories, i.e. slowed down my metabolism, no good!
I've learned from the Dukan diet it's not the amount of calories that we eat, it's the type of calories that make all the difference. Our bodies burn up four times more calories digesting protein than fat or carbs! Essentially, that means if you eat 1,500 calories of protein, 450 of them don't even count since your body burns them off just in the digestion process.
I'm loving my new smaller size and how my clothes are fitting looser and looser each day. I highly recommend this diet to anyone who wants to lose weight quickly...try it, it works!

posted Oct 8th, 2010 9:44 am


@ Patti - if you're in the UK you can get your oatbran at Tesco. You should find it in the cereal section. It fine ground oats and looks like wheatbran, not like flakes or the oats you make porridge with.

posted Sep 30th, 2010 6:19 pm


Where do you buy the oat bran and is it in flakes or like oats?? I can not find it anywhere

posted Sep 22nd, 2010 11:27 am



My husband and myself are on day 4 of the Dukan Diet. Whilst we only have approximately a stone each to lose, we have currently not lost anything, despite sticking to the plan rigidly. We will continue to perserve for a while longer, but we are both missing cetain foods.... bread, potatoes, fruit and a little chocolate, but I suppose that's why its a diet. So far very disappointed.

posted Aug 25th, 2010 5:48 pm


I am on day 4 out 5 on the attack stage of the diet, and I have lost 6llbs already! I am over the moon! When I got on the scales this morning I really wasn't expecting to have lost another 2 llbs. It has been a steady loss of 2llbs a day everyday so far.

I haven't been hungry at all. I have to admit whilst reading the book I was almost dreading starting and wondering how I was ever going to stick to this diet. It has been so much easier (so far!) than I thought. I think the diet is very realistic, as everyone is always looking for some kind of miracle (well I was anyway!) and the book does spell out that reaching your goal weight will mean making changes. I have already realized though, that these small changes will mean = weight loss and a lot of it!

I love the structure of the diet as everything is done in stages which is really reassuring and makes it easier to mentally stick to it. You know everything is a countable and attainable time scale and after that period, new foods will be introduced for you to enjoy (and still lose weight!)

I really recommend this diet for anyone who has done any fad type of diet. It educates you about nutrition and food groups which is all new learning for me and I am sure will help me to stay trim in the future. I dabbled in the Cambridge Diet, (I say dabble, because no-one can stick to that diet forever) With the Dukan attack stage you lose just as much as you would on these milkshake diets but you can actually eat and chew! Also, I feel satisfied. I am not craving a glass of wine or plate of chips.

Am going to let you know my weight loss by the end of the Attack stage, and am a little apprehensive about starting the cruise stage and introducing vegetables, as the weight loss will surely slow down.

posted Aug 19th, 2010 4:13 am


My husband has been doing this diet for over two months. he has lost alot of weight ( 10 kilos), but I am now wondering whether it is too much too quickly. He has been unpleasant, moody and difficult to live with. Summer this year has NOT been fun around him. I miss my summer evening glass of wine...seems we are all suffering because of this diet!!
Would love to hear from other people how they are feeling and whether the moddiness is a factor and why you think this is.


posted Aug 16th, 2010 10:03 am



I have started the Dukan diet today and will update you with my honest progress. I am already struggerling to think of meal ideas, I guess it is partly to do with breaking old eating routines! My goal is to lose 20llbs. Watch this space!

posted Aug 16th, 2010 8:53 am


Interesting review but it has a few errors in it. I have been on the Dukan diet for 40 days and have lost 25 lbs. Most of that was in the intial phase and was water weight. I now lose 2 - 3 lbs a week at a steady pace. I have read the book and have spent time at Dr. Dukan's website as well I belong to a support forum with other successful Dukan dieters. Here are a few points I would ike to clarify:

1. Excercise.
Excercise is MANDATORY on this diet. You are to walk for 20 minutes a day during attack and 30 minutes a day during cruise. Dr. Dukan also shares several toning exercises in his book.

2. Carbs
You must also eat oat bran everyday including your protein days. With the oat bran you are limited to the amount you can have by the phase you are in. With the oat bran you can make porridge, muffins, bread, cake, cookies, coating for meat, etc. On protein days I frequently have a ham and chicken sandwich on toasted oat bran bread with low fat swiss cheese spread on the bread. It is delicious and filling. On veggie days you are eating the oat bran plus how much veggies you want. You can also eat yogurt and cottage cheese up to 1 kg a day on both protein and protein/veggie days. I certainly don't see this as a high protein diet that would tax the kidneys. There is lots of variety and hundreds of dishes you can create with the approved ingredients.

The stages above are incorrect. Here is the correct names and descriptions:

The four phases of the Dukan Diet are:

1. The Attack Phase is the most simple in terms of what food is allowed but it is also the phase that doesn't tolerate deviation of any kind. This phase involves initial weight loss and lasts from three to 10 days, depending on how much weight a person wants to lose. Only the following proteins are allowed to be eaten: veal and beef except for T-bone steaks; poultry except for duck and goose; seafood and fish; eggs and fat-free dairy products. All food should be cooked in non-stick pans, grilled, barbecued or roasted because fat cannot be used for cooking.
2. The Cruise Phase alternates two sub-phases and lasts until the goal weight is reached. The two sub-phases are: vegetables with proteins and only proteins. Vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked but again, no oil or butter can be used to cook or dress vegetables. All vegetables are allowed except for starchy vegetables such as, potatoes, corn, peas, beans and lentils. The recommended cycle is alternating between the two every day.
3. The Consolidation Phase helps prevent the yo-yo effect of most diet programmes. A person slowly returns to eating normally with certain restrictions concerning the quantity of fruit, bread, cheese and starchy foods. The good news is that dieters are also allowed two full, unrestricted meals per week with wine and desert. This phase lasts a different length of time for each person as it is calculated on the amount of weight lost: 5 days of Consolidation for each pound lost.
4. The Stabilization Phase is the final life-long stage of how to eat without re-gaining the lost weight. The only restriction is that a person eats only protein one day of every week for the rest of his life.

Once I hit my target weight, I will have to go on Stabilization for almost a year. This phase is less restrictive by over time with stablize your body at your new weight.

The final two phases are what is missing in every other diet out there. You get your weight down and then it is a struggle to keep it off. This diet takes time but it will help you stay at your goal weight better than anything else out there.

It is not Atkins! I gained 75 lbs on Atkins after losing 100 on a lower fat plan. The liberal amounts of fat allowed in Atkins work at first but then the body does a switch and you can not maintain your loss without cutting fat. Easy to lose on Atkins, not easy to keep off. Dukan will take you much further than any other diet.

posted Aug 9th, 2010 6:38 pm



The Dukan Diet has worked VERY well for my parents. They have tried diet after diet and still end up regaining the weight. They found this diet and have shed lbs while staying full. They're both only a few lbs away from their goal weights and find the diet easy to follow.

It is a lifetime commitment to having a "protein day" every week for the rest of your life starting in the final phase to "shock your body" back.

Having seen my parent's amazing results I started two days ago and I'm thinking I've finally found something that is going to work for me.

Good luck to everyone out there who is trying the Dukan diet... the one that actually WORKS!!

posted Jun 16th, 2010 6:22 pm



You say as cons: "Strict guidelines are likely to cause weight regain" and 'Considered a fad diet"

Well I have found after being on the diet for 9 months that it teaches you about nutrition, cooking and healthy eating and it will be very difficult for me to go back to unhealthy eating.

I'm an English guy living in France and this is not a Fad diet. It's been around for ages and is becoming a household name here. It's just starting our in the UK. Don't mistake it for a fad diet - it is a really good program.

In 9 months I have lost 32 Kg (about 5 stone). I have a few more to loose, but I am confident that I will get down to my target weight. I am very happy with the diet and how it has changed my life for the better.

posted Apr 29th, 2010 3:01 am


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