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The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet

A French diet that has helped many A-list celebrities lose weight.

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  • Established: Book published in 2000 after over 20 years of research
  • Founder: Dr. Pierre Dukan
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Accessibility: Book and online coaching
  • Diet Type: Low-glycemic index, high protein and low-carbohydrate
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen

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The Dukan Diet is a French-based weight loss plan that was rumored to be followed by Kate Middleton, model Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez, following their pregnancies.

Created by Dr. Pierre Dukan, the diet is the number one weight loss plan in the UK attracting women of all shapes, sizes and ages to help them lose weight. It is also referred to as the "Je ne sais pas maigrir" ("I don't know how to lose weight") diet plan.

The plan is centered around eating protein-based meals in a four-cycled program. The four cycles are: Attack, Weight Loss, Stabilization and Cruise.

The Dukan Diet is a remastered version of the Protein-Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF), which is a high-protein diet that was created over three decades ago for obese individuals.

The Dukan Diet has been criticized for being a fad diet as well as a diet that may be dangerous because of its strict guidelines.

You can expect to lose three to five pounds per week while following it.

There is both a Dukan Diet website and book that lays out very clearly what the diet entails including what you can and can't eat, portion sizes and the length of time you should remain in each phase in relation to your weight loss goal.

A new English language edition of Dr. Dukan's book was released on April 19, 2011. It is called The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever and claims to be "The Real Reason The French Stay Thin." There is also a companion cookbook.

  • Will result in weight loss
  • Can help to jump-start a sluggish metabolism
  • Includes a daily exercise plan

  • Strict guidelines are likely to cause weight regain
  • May be dangerous for some who are at risk for electrolyte imbalances
  • Considered a fad diet
  • Likely to produce moodiness and lethargy especially during the first phase

The Dukan Diet is comprised of four specific phases that cycle the kinds of protein and carbohydrates you consume. The reason for this cycling is to dip into fat stores for energy and trick the metabolism into an efficient fuel-burning machine.

Few starchy carbohydrates are allowed except for those in the form of low glycemic vegetables like lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, radishes and broccoli. In addition, oat bran should be consumed each day. Its amount varies according to the phase of the diet you are in. Oat bran is also a staple ingredient in many of the Dukan Diet recipes.

Here is a breakdown of the four cycles:

  • Attack Phase: Only very lean veal, beef, chicken (skinless) and turkey (skinless), fish and shellfish, eggs, fat-free dairy products are allowed. Greek yogurt with 0 percent fat and plain yogurt are considered great choices for dairy. Tons of fresh water is also required. This phase should not be followed for longer than 10 days.

  • Cruise Phase: Alternating in five-day cycles, you cycle back and forth between eating protein and non-starchy vegetables and eating only protein. No butter or oil can be used and tons of fresh water is required. Follow this phase until your goal weight is attained.

  • Consolidation Phase: One serving of fruit, two slices of whole wheat bread and 1.5 ounces of cheese is allowed each day. Two times each week, you are allowed to eat two 5-ounce servings of starch, like potatoes, rice or another grain. Protein is also a mainstay. In addition, two times a week, you can eat a cheat meal including wine and dessert. But the day after these cheat meals, you can only consume protein. The Stabilization phase is done for the number of days that equals four days for every half-pound lost.

  • Stabilization: Normal eating is resumed with one day a week devoted to consuming only protein.

A quality vitamin and mineral supplement must also be taken in order to maintain proper nutrient intake. Spices, moderate amounts of diet soda, artificial sweeteners are allowed. No added sugars, fats, oils or sugary condiments are allowed.


Walking is the form of exercise that is strongly encouraged within each phase. You are expected to walk 20 to 30 minutes a day, depending upon the phase you are in. The book also includes several strength-training exercises you can also incorporate into your daily routine.

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The Dukan Diet is a high protein weight loss plan that cycles you back and forth between a protein-based diet that allows for certain kinds, quantities and frequencies of carbohydrates.

The diet is a mega hit in the Europe as well as with some celebrities. And while it receives a few gold stars for its clear guidelines and its capacity to help you lose weight, it probably won't result in long-term weight loss and it may even cause health problems or at the very least, moodiness and dreams of bread, particularly during the Attack phase.

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I have started last Friday having yet weighed but feels great

posted Jan 10th, 2012 1:36 am



I'm on Day 12 of the diet and have only recently started the Cruise Phase; however, it seems to be working. I'm down 12 lbs from my starting weight (have close to 50 more lbs to lose, though).

I think it'd definitely be easy to get very bored with what you're eating day-to-day and discouraged on this diet, so it takes a certain amount of investment; i.e. I don't recommend this whole-heartedly to every one of my friends. I do really like the emphasis this diet has on avoiding processed food, though.

It definitely helps to have support on this diet, so the fact that my mother and I are coordinating, trading recipes, and checking up on one another has certainly helped.

posted Dec 9th, 2011 9:42 pm



How long would it take for me to lose 7-10kg? I'm hoping for a week? How long would it take for me to lose 7-10kg? I'm hoping for a week, because that's all I have... until I go on my holiday. That being said, how much weight CAN you lose in a week? Also, I have a food question: The Dukan Diet allows OAT bran, so would porridge be ok? With no sugar, that is. Also are sausages allowed? Thanks for everyones answers!

posted Nov 18th, 2011 8:19 am



On 4th day of Attach - feeling bloated! Only have 5-7 kgs to lose before a holiday, and have lost a kilo, whereas when I stick to strict calorie control I get a flat stomach on Dukan i seem to have lost the weight from my breasts! Not good.

posted Nov 1st, 2011 3:05 pm


I have around 5-7 kgs to lose in hurry before my holiday.
Currently on the 4th day of Attack and I'm not struggling to stick to it and have lost over a kilo BUT when I lose through simple strict calorie control I get a flat stomach and feel slimmer within days. On this diet I feel bloated and sluggish and the weight seems to be coming off my breasts - which, as a pear shape is NOT what I want! I think I may go back to simply being strict on my calorie consuption.

posted Nov 1st, 2011 3:03 pm



Hi all, i've been on this diet for 11weeks. Starting wt 15st. Lost 6lbs in 7 days on Attack. Lost 8lbs on 1st week of cruise phase. 1 stone in 2 weeks...i couldnt believe it! Then went 5 days and the scales would not move...i just doubled the walking time to 1 hr for next few days...this did the trick! Reached target weight of 13 stone after only 8wks. Then started 3rd phase of diet...introducing more treats...cheese..wholemeal bread..celebration meals! My weight has kept on dropping!! now 12st 7lbs (11weeks in)!! Trying to eat more food..but as other people have found...i feel fuller sooner..i feel satiated sooner..i have given up alcohol (I was drinking EVERY single day before this diet) now im happy just drinking tea or sugar free pepsi max. I now enjoy food more and feel healthier even though i did go through the periods of feeling fatigued, mood swings and constipation as my body was coming to terms with and having to readjust to the very low carb intake. Plus points now...my cholesterol has lowered...snoring stopped..sleep apnea stopped...blood sugar normal...beer belly gone! eating healthier...energy levels increasing...no more hangovers!.... less chance of developing diabetes(both my parents are type 2 diabetics!)...and i can now touch my toes in the shower! :-D. Dont try the Atkins diet as someone previously suggested! How can you suggest going back to eating fatty foods cooked in fatty greasy oils after doing this diet..numpty! Is that good for your heart??

posted Oct 19th, 2011 3:45 pm


This is working for me thus far, but there doesn't seem to be a mention on how high protein diets affect the kidneys...I could have missed it but I feel that's very important and people need to do their researching regarding this before they embark on such a diet... :)

posted Oct 6th, 2011 3:50 am


Have been doing Dukan for 8 day. 5 on Attack and 3 in cruise. I am 57 with 20 it's to lose. Have lost 3 already with no negatives.

posted Sep 27th, 2011 4:07 pm


The concept has very similar principles to other high protein diets BUT is VERY restrictive and almost impossible to sustain as a permanent lifestyle change. A definite FAD in my opinion. Very unimpressive results. I have used other eating plans where i eat more but lose a LOT more....try Atkins or Body Trim instead, they have more achievable and permanent results whilst introducing a small % of complex carbs at the same time. This means that when you finally achieve your goal weight you can maintain it.

posted Sep 24th, 2011 1:33 am


I am getting ready to start the Dukan diet tomorrow. I am an avid protein shake drinker. Has anyone used protein shakes (no carbs, no sugars) on this diet?

posted Sep 18th, 2011 9:32 pm


Hello all, after reading all the reviews I decided to try the diet. I started Wednedsay and I have already lost 4 pounds. I have a total of 15pounds to lose. Phase 1 is alot harder than I thought. I can't wait to incorporate vegetables into my diet!!! I must admit thought I am not that hungry so the cravings are not there. I just have the idea of seeing my plate with only a pice of chicken on it. :-( I could see myself enjoying Phase 2 as I am a big salad eater. I will keep you guys posted.

posted Sep 16th, 2011 10:03 am



I have been on th diet for five and half weeks and have lost twenty-three pounds. I feel better than I have in years.

posted Sep 5th, 2011 7:56 am


I'm on the little heavier side of the scale. I originally weighed in at 303 lbs. but now 223 lbs. I want to applaud ww for getting me down to 260 lbs. Prior to embarking into the dukan diet, I weighed in at 234 lbs. and worked my may down to 223 lbs. I am proud to say that this diet does work if you stick to what it calls for. I believe sacraficing a little and give you a lot. It's only been the second week, and see how much progress I've made so far....it is tough to teach a dog new tricks but it's worth trying. Thank you for this chance to start a new life for me. I am not near my goal of at least 195 lbs. lighter but will hopefully or eventually get there someday.

Thank you!!

posted Aug 12th, 2011 5:07 pm



I have been on the diet 5 days and have lost 6 pounds. I am starting the cruise phase tomorrow and am so looking foward to those vegetables. I find I am eating less I feel satiated sooner and I really think I can stick with this one.

posted Aug 12th, 2011 1:34 pm



I've been on the Dukan plan for 2.5 months and I believe it has changed my life like no other diet has (note: I've done Weight Watchers several times, Atkins and once considered myself a South Beach devotee). I've lost ~20 lbs., and I'm currently in the Consolidation phase. I'll start Stabilization in mid-September. Here's what's working for me:
1. No alcohol. Initially I truly struggled with this, thinking I wouldn't be able to stick to the diet because of the alcohol restriction, especially living in California and loving wine so much. However, once I got through the Attack and Cruise phases, where you cannot touch it, I realized that I don't need it in my life and that drinking it puts me into a domino effect where I lose all inhibitions and eat too much. In fact, when I took a drink for my first "celebration" meal in Stabilization, I had a horrendous hangover following morning, which cured me for life. I'm pleased to say that I can go to parties and not feel pressured or deprived with no drinking. My beverage of choice: Pellegrino with a twist and a splash of Torani sugar-free syrup (they come in lots of flavors). Without alcohol I no longer feel sluggish, I don't have those "lost weekends," and I have a deeper sense of clarity of mind.
2. I appreciate and embrace "celebration" meals--guilt-free. Before Dukan I would feel really, really guilty about "slipping," which invariably put me into a downward spiral of "well I've blown it now--I'll just eat whatever I want all day." Now I plan my weekly menus, including the beloved celebration meal and the pure protein day, and I don't want to overeat. I eat all celebration courses, including dessert, (sans alcohol), and I truly appreciate it. I do however have a tendency to get a sugar hangover the next morning if I have an exceptionally sweet dessert.

3. I know when my body is full, and I push away from the table. I've always been one of those people who will keep eating even after feeling full. I'm not sure how the plan trains your body to know it's sated, I now have no desire to eat until full. I can stop just before that full feeling and have no reservations about leaving food on my plate.
4. I've given up two "healthy" foods and will never turn back--peanut butter and hummus. Formerly a staple in my kitchen and allowed on South Beach, I tended to overindulge in these foods. I no longer eat them, nor do I miss them.

If you decide to do this diet, please follow it to a T. Do not ignore the Consolidation phase's addition of bread, fruit, starches and celebration meals. (on South Beach, I never added bread back into my diet, which I believe was a huge mistake, as your body needs a transition from dieting to maintaining weight loss). Good luck!

posted Aug 5th, 2011 12:57 pm



Behavior change vs quick fixes: What makes the dukan diet work! I don't have a question, but a comment. This diet is like many others that recommend high protein eating. The problem is most people don't carry out the recommendations AFTER the initial weight loss. If you look at the last two phases, it incorporates some behavior modification guidelines that are very credible. As humans, we tend to resort back to our old habits thinking we have lost the weight forever. I lost 35 pounds on a similar self-created diet and have kept it off for 4 yrs. So my advice it to pay even more attention to the guidelines of maintenance and remember, there is no FREE lunch when it comes to weight loss! Thanks for listening!

posted Aug 3rd, 2011 7:59 am




I weighed in at 86 kg (13.5 stone i think). I am 178 cms tall . There I said it.... sorry for the metrics. I started the diet 1 week ago. Have lost 4.6 kgs and am pushing through for a few more days. I have added salad to my meats, just for a mix in flavor. Aim is for 75, wish me luck. I miss the sugar more then anything (although considering it is only a small craving) especially in the evening with my tea, but hey, each gram counts and reaching for the chocolate is not worth it. Watch out doing too much sport, i have found i get pretty flat. Overall i am really ok with this diet plan. Good luck and don't forget to eat.

posted Jul 31st, 2011 11:53 am

Jo f


I have started the diet yesterday morning and currently weigh three pounds lighter, I am now 12 st 2 and my target weight is 10 stone. I wish people would write what they weigh as if you have lost 10pounds on the diet but only weighed 10stone then you don't have as much weight to lose as other people and therefore the weight comes off quicker and easier the bigger you are, please let us know what you weigh initially so we have a better understanding of your weight loss :) ps will keep you posted as to how I get on!

posted Jul 19th, 2011 11:06 am


If this diet is so oblivious to health concerns, please explain how the eskimo/ inuit tribes have been living on high protein diets their entire lives. They have never lived on vegetable and grain diets for thousands of years. Please explain how that is possible that entire populations can survive without gallstones and kidney failure that the "experts" claim this diet will cause.

posted Jul 2nd, 2011 12:14 pm

Gail McDowall


excellent diet, I always felt full so didn't crave sweet or fatty things - 1kg off my goal weight - yeah!

posted Jun 10th, 2011 5:29 am


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