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Cook at Home Challenge Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Cook at Home Challenge!

We hope you enjoyed being a part of the challenge as much as we enjoyed hosting it. It was great to see everyone stay so committed to the task and the delicious results. Be sure to continue the trend of preparing healthy, flavorful meals at home. We certainly don’t have to remind you that it’s a key step toward losing or maintaining weight, managing your budget, and finding more quality time with your family.

The grand prize winner is challenger DietDiva. She will be receiving the “Healthy Kitchen Makeover” package valued at $1895!

Thanks to everyone who shared their cook at home experiences. Remember to get out of the drive-thru and get back in the kitchen!

If you would like to receive a sticker, please submit your address here.


Chef Devin Alexander and introduce the Cook at Home Challenge, in which we want you to cook five more meals at home during the week than you already do. Then, share your experiences with the Cook at Home Challenge community by posting blogs, videos or photos, and you’re entered to win prizes each week. Prizes include a variety of cookware packages, all leading up to our Healthy Kitchen Makeover grand prize package, valued at $1,895. You could even win a copy of Devin’s new book “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Fattening!”.

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