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What does Skinny body really have in it? Me and My mother just failed a drug screen. HELP! nicole 
I've almost stopped loosing weight after one week with Scarsdale. Why? Be 
I watched the 4 videos and want to know if these will be repeated in the $99 program Daria wood 
Les Mills RPM is NOT Spinning! Joan Welsch 
I want to know cost of diet program, I also have a silver sneekers card. So can I go to curves for free Sherry fernandez 
How much does it cost to be on this diet for one month? jesus santiago 
I would like to know how these biscuits are good for diabetics with white refined flour in them? Ruth Riley 
Can't Fitday upgrade their system to keep up with the times? Trio 
How much should I work out when following this diet? Is jogging 3 km (~ 2 miles) three times per week enough? B. 
I just wanted to hear a little more about the chewing diet from someone who has done it before. kaja