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What is the cost of Jenny Craig's diabetic meals? Wanda miller  
How long should it take to authenticate my username and password? So far, not too thrilled with the "ObamaCare SteveInFlorida 
Has anyone taking PS experienced pain in their sides; particularly the left side? I have been taking the Pink Drink/Accelerator since Frida Kare 
I am not allowed to drink tea, is it very essential to the 17 day diet? Mrs Jeanine Hearn 
So is the Flawless Raspberry Ketone a scam? colleen 
With the JumpStart Soup diet - are these recipes for 2 or one? They seem to be huge portions, it doesn't say. CarolK 
Are the recipes for one or for 2? They seem to be huge portions if for one. Also what amount of exercise to do? Carol Kavanagh 
Do you recommend RPM for someone like me: sedentary lifestyle but wanting to start exercising? Terriej Hansen 
How many points on weight watchers does a 185 pound female get? Audrey Graham 
Is pure raspberry ketone good for expectant mothers? sade lara