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Tone It Up Fat Burning System

Tone up your body with this program designed by personal trainers.

BACKGROUND Start the Diet Now Advertisement is a web site that offers weight loss through the Tone It Up Fat Burning System. The system involves a diet plan, measurement guide, grocery list, sample meal plan, slimming tips, fitness program and a core program. The diet plan is also available in vegetarian and vegan varieties. The Tone It Up Fat Burning System was developed by personal trainers and nutritionists Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson.

They share with you the secrets of having the body of a fitness model through this specialized program. This program helps clear up some popular myths that surround weight loss. The Tone It Up Fat Burning System is reasonably priced and has been successful for many people. One of the featured success stories was able to lose 45 pounds on this program. This plan will allow you to lose weight once and for and actually keep the weight off.

  • Program include everything you need
  • Includes a diet plan along with workout plans
  • Program is available in vegan and vegetarian varieties
  • Program created by two personal trainers and nutritionists
  • Web site features success stories
  • Program only asks for a 30 day commitment
  • Encourages frequent meals to keep you from being hungry
  • Don’t have to work out for hours each day to see results
  • Gives you everything you need for the cost of one training session with a personal trainer
  • Seems to be more designed for those with small amounts of weight to lose
  • Very few details upfront about the details of the program
  • Program can be expensive when you consider that you have to pay for it before getting solid details

The Tone It Up Fat Burning System includes a specific diet plan that doesn’t require that you go on a liquid fast or starve yourself. The program teaches you how to eat like an athlete to burn more fat. You eat meals frequently and also learn the correct food combinations for eating properly. There is a vegetarian and a vegan version of the program for those that prefer it. The program does come with a sample meal plan and a grocery list. The exact details of what you will eat are not available unless you pay for the program. After purchase, the entire program is revealed.


The fitness plan that comes with the Tone It Up Fat Burning System is the Full Body Blast Fitness Program. This is the same fitness plan that Karena and Katrina give to their personal clients that come to them for training. They will also include the Core Program that will give you a toned core and slim down your waistline. The exact details of what exercises you will be doing are not available until the program has been purchased.


The Tone It Up Fat Burning System is one that has been tested and has seen success from several that have tried it. The program was designed and created by two personal trainers and nutritionists that have used the program themselves to get into their best shape. The program cost can be a hindrance to some when you consider that the details of what you eat and what workouts you do are not given until after purchase. There are several success stories and the option of a vegan or vegetarian food plans is available for those that prefer that style of eating. This program may be worth a try and surely has some positive aspects. It may be worth a try for those that don’t mind paying for the program before having absolutely all the details first.

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It is a waste of money. You're paying for the illusion of exclusivity and the community. I am also convinced they do not do the workouts they prescribe. It is nothing new, it is nothing exclusive, they use the same recipes you see on Cassey Ho's blogilates (and she posts everything for FREE), save your money.

posted Dec 29th, 2014 9:53 pm


I love this plan. I had been following the weekly schedule for about a month, and was losing weight. I wanted more, so I got the plan. I absolutely love the recipes, and in 3 months I've lost 15 pounds and gained a lot of muscle. They encourage cooking your own foods and eating lots of unprocessed stuff. Leafy greens. The best part of being a Tone it Up member is the online community. It really keeps me motivated and holds me accountable.

posted Dec 23rd, 2014 2:51 pm


As others have said, I would not waste your money on this plan. A friend of mine has it and I asked her if I could look through it as I was thinking about buying the plan but wanted to know what I was getting myself into first. The moment I saw a recipe for "Ants on a Log" and "Yogurt with Granola" I immediately became pissed off. These women are ripping people off with their "nutrition plan." Pinterest honestly has most of these recipes and googling "clean eating" will get you further than this plan. Yes they email you updates with new recipes a few times a year but even in the updates there are duplicates from the original plan, they just call it something else (their latest Frisky Fall edition had another recipe for celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins...REALLY?).

Others are saying that the community is the best part of the plan. I agree, I love the community. But guess what - THAT'S FREE. You don't have to waste $150 on the plan to follow and interact with others in the community. I have a fitness instagram account and 80% of the people I follow are TIU members. Stick with their free workouts (yep, those don't cost anything either) and the support from the free community, google clean eating and workout for at least 30 mins a day and you'll see results. Just sayin, this isn't rocket science.

posted Dec 19th, 2014 5:33 pm


I am going to say no to the plan because I have just bought it and had some regrets about it. They are very vague and don't want you to know anything about it until you buy it. The girls do a lot of promoting. I actually do have tons of weight to lose and don't believe the plan will work for me. Their site also features skinny girls who don't have much to lose. If you're a big girl, be prepared to see lots of skinny young girls. They even included themselves in a success story about her own mom and said "I have lost some weight too." She had barely anything to lose. As for recipes I am also very picky so I understand when you get the "book" (pdf file) that you pretty much have to figure out what recipes work for you. I don't have many recipes I can try. I also do not like the way they are pricing this stuff. They say it's not fair for others who have paid the 150 if they price it down. I think it's a big rip off. They just want your money. use their free workouts and recipes if you like them. I will continue to use Google :) and oh yeah. you can't even get a refund. I wish they would price it down to at least 30. The only thing I see worth the 150 is all of the additions you get along with it. Other than that, I don't see what the big deal is. I asked someone on the community (pretty much Facebook without the games) why do they not have nutrition articles? The book is really just their nutrition articles you have to pay for. Their site is really just expensive recipes with their protein they only sell online. And lots of workouts I have yet to do.
my advice is to just save your money and buy things you can and will use. Not a pdf file that doesn't really give you any original or new tips. So disappointed. :(

posted Nov 30th, 2014 11:09 pm


The bad reviews are all correct.
The plan is vague, messy, and not worth even $30. Their advice is actually bad at times. I am hoping to get my money back. What a waste.

If you know nothing about nutrition, this is great for you. If you know how to add and have access to recipes using protein powder, DONT BUY THIS

posted Nov 15th, 2014 2:42 am


I think it is worth every penny! $150 is a lifetime membership which gives you everything you need and continued support for no extra cost. It gives you a detailed plan, with regular updates emailed out. Every week there is a different workout schedule to follow! It's like having a personal lifestyle coach and trainer at your disposal for a one off cost. The community is also very supportive and the enthusiasm that radiates off everyone is very supportive to achieve your long term goals!

The real difference about this is that it is about a lifestyle change and not a crash diet. It contains real information and you are able to incorporate this into daily life. Yes,you may have access to similar information through google (as stated in another review- but that's obvious, its just nutritional knowledge!) but what most people struggle with is putting it into action. That is the key to the success of this programme, it gives you the tools to put your knowledge into action. (Which obviously that knowledge on 'google' didn't provide you with as you are still looking for a 'miracle' program)

posted Sep 30th, 2014 12:42 pm


Honestly, it's a rip-off. I wasted 150 dollars on recipes, a measurements guide, and a workout.... I don't recommend buying it. I have only really looked at it once because I already knew the majority of the stuff in it form researching on my own (plus, I didn't have to pay to use google). Furthermore, it doesn't include heavy weightlifting, which is the key to truly changing your body.

posted Aug 13th, 2014 6:27 pm


Anyone willing to email me the tone it up regular nutrition plan pdf? I'd like to take a look at their recipes to see if its for me.

posted May 23rd, 2014 2:56 pm


I love what they have done. THIS WILL NOT STARVE YOU!!! You are doing healthy protein, leafy greens, fruits, veggies, and everything junk food isn't there they have a page on exceptions such as dark chocolate but don't over indulge. You have to WANT to make this work if you don't want it to work you will be lazy not wake up early to do what you need to and you don't need anything but the meal plan and the fitness workouts other than that you are set it is what you make of it if you don't like water they give you awesome ideas on sprucing it up to where you can drink it :D I hated water because it was so bland and yeah lemon water was okay but they tell you what else to try and it is great. They are offering a lifestyle change in shopping, beauty, health, fitness, and give you updates on the plans. :D If you aren't already aware bravo now has a new show called toned up that aired last night and that was awesome as well. please don't listen to the people steering you away :D be stronger than they were and eat get fit and live happily.

posted Feb 3rd, 2014 2:25 pm


Don't waste your money! These girls don't update their plan to current research. They encourage foods like agave! All curen research on agave is that it's mostly fructose and not good for you. The customer service is also really poor. They are too busy promoting themselves to take care of their curren, paying customes. You've been warned!

posted Jan 31st, 2014 4:13 pm


Don't waste your money on this plan. Their information is very outdated and vague. And good luck getting any help from them after you buy the plan. Their customer service is the worst. They never answer your emails and the one time they did answer my email, they weren't very nice. Look into the Clean Diet by Tosca. You can get it out of the library or buy it used on Amazon and save your $150. I really regret buying this program.

posted Jan 31st, 2014 12:16 am


Yes, this is a review of the Plan itself but not a review of the ToneItUp Company. Based on their customer service alone, I would never give this company any money from my pocket. When you place an order with them, the only form of communication that they allow is email. Did anyone else notice they do not have an exact phone number to call them regarding discrepancies with your order or concerns that you have? They recently refused to issue me a refund of my money even though they never sent me the DVD set I’d placed an order for. After numerous e-mails back and forth explain my side of the story, I decided to call them to explain since they were completely ignoring my viewpoint and complaint through email. I quickly realized that email was the only form of communication between them and you, as a customer. Personally, I will never work with this company again and will continue to spread the word of my horrible experience with ToneItUp to everyone that I know. I would highly recommend that you do not supply your personal information or credit card information to this company!

posted Jan 10th, 2014 6:39 pm


Sasha, can you give me your e-mail please?

posted Nov 6th, 2013 7:13 pm


Absolute waste of money. Google clean recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and you'll be fine.

$150 is ridiculous. and the ingredients they use are so expensive, like one recipe calls for maca powder, and it's only in one meal.

The portions are preposterous as well, and their protein propaganda is extremely misleading, pretty much all your dishes will come from the overpriced Perfect fit protein. They fail to discuss the causes of TOO much protein. please do not waste your money. you will see results but that will be from starvation. you will gain the weight back.

Their 'updates' are just recipes copied from healthy vegan blogs

posted Nov 1st, 2013 5:27 am


I have the TIU plan. It has great recipes but to be honest its nothing worth more than about 20 dollars. Please dont waste 150 dollars on something you have to print on your own! You can research and find free meal plans on Also, they always feature the same girls. I was an avid TIU girl until I got tired of the favoritism. Also not only is their "book" ridiculously overpriced so are their products. I paid alot for a lunch bag... that is terrible quality.... it broke within the first week. I emailed them and never got a response back. Very disappointed. I do love the support from the community, its great if you are just starting out and need that extra push!

posted Sep 20th, 2013 11:46 am


$150 is a lot for a "book" I have to color! Add at least another $50-75 for the ink and binder!

Why not come out with a book?

My guess...people would look through it and realize there is nothing new or magical. (It would sell for the pretty pics!) They are selling a "secret." That is what makes people want to buy. If it was truly amazing, it would sell off the shelves!

The videos are great...

posted Jul 18th, 2013 3:32 am


I bought the plan with a couple other girls (it was done secretly) because we couldn't justify spending $150 on something like this. What I got was just disappointment. The plan (vegan) has no information on what we need as vegans.. no new recipes. The 7 day slimdown looks like a crash diet... and the whole plan is just promoting starvation. What they recommend for the portion sizes is ridiculous. I now know why some girls see weight loss with this program and it's because they starve themselves. We were wondering if they could give us the original vegan plan (one without the updates) and have yet to hear a response.

I liked the girls and all, but it was so not worth the money.

I'd check out The beauty detox diet book or one of Tosca's because those are good books with actual recipes.

Because really, I'm sorry but I don't need a recipe on how to make "lemon water"

posted Jul 8th, 2013 5:17 pm


I don't see why the bad reviews at all. But I personally have had amazing success with this plan. Inches and weight loss. Their support is wonderful. And I've had 4-5 updates to the plan since I bought it so you actually get more than just the original $150. Sure you can try something else and it can work but I'd say just go with what you think you will stick with the best. :)

posted Jun 2nd, 2013 6:10 am


Very expensive for a plan that you have to print out and organize in a useable format i.e. binder, etc. Information not well organized, lots of smoothies. Nutritional information is not included. Uses lots of fruits high on the GI index.

posted Mar 12th, 2013 3:58 pm

Trevor, B.A.Sc Nutrition, CISSN

For those people looking for a meal plan system that goes into detail of how much you should eat, best foods at breakfast/before exercise/after exercise etc this isn't the plan for you.

It is unfortunate that people are spending $150 for a very general guide of information that can be easily found online for free.

Being a Certified Sports Nutritionist with a degree in Nutrition, working on a Master's in Sports Nutrition (with years of practical coaching and research) their information is very simple, outdated, and needs further detail.

I love that they have a good following and generally seem to want to help people with their weight loss goals, but for the cost and limited support after purchase it could have been better.

For women wanting to lose weight naturally and have a program that fits their energy needs you can find a more customized plan here:

posted Feb 24th, 2013 4:55 am


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