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Interview with DietTribe’s Jessie Pavelka

DietTribe's Jessie Pavelka

DietTribe's Jessie Pavelka

With DietTribe Season 2 having just wrapped up, we caught up with Jessie Pavelka, the Lifetime weight loss reality series’ trainer who helped the five women of Season 2 lost 50 pounds, compete in a triathlon and give them the tools they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s what Jessie had to say about DietTribe Season 2 and the ladies that made this season an inspiring story of the power of team work, great friends and a committment to healthy living.


DietTribe Episode 8 Recap

diettribe finaleOn this past week’s episode of DietTribe, the women reached the finish line. The women competed in their triathlon and their final weights and makeovers are revealed. They also received a surprise reward for their commitment to their diets: A seven-day lavish cruise with their families.

Here’s what happened on the finale of DietTribe Season Two:


DietTribe Recap Episode Seven

diettribeThis past week on DietTribe, the women went away on a weekend adventure to San Diego where they played softball with the U.S. Women’s National Softball team. Lavished with spa treatment including a delicious and portion-controlled meal with their trainer Jessie, dips in the hotel swimming pool, and heartfelt chats in a steamy hot tub, the ladies had a chance to relax, focus on themselves and have some fun.

One of the highlights of episode seven was a surfing lesson that all of the DietTribe members had an opportunity to participate in. Complete with wet suits, polished surf boards and some decent beginner waves, they rode the crests on their bellies, knees and even for a few seconds, on their feet, as they got their adrenaline pumping with a real surfing workout.


DietTribe Recap Episode Six

diettribe season twoOn episode six of Lifetime’s DietTribe, Stephanie turned 40 and celebrated the milestone with her friends and family aboard a glamorous boat for a memorable birthday.

The episode first kicked off with an emotional reunion between sisters Tiffany and Stephanie and their family members who came in to town just for the birthday celebration. Then to the tune of music, dancing, teary speeches and of course, birthday cake, the girls, clad in gown sizes they hadn’t worn in years, toasted not just Stephanie’s birthday, but their collective weight loss success as well.


DietTribe Season Two Episode Four Recap

cat cora diettribeThe women of Lifetime’s DietTribe Season Two continue to lose weight with each passing week but not without recognizing just how far their weight struggles can reach.

The women, who are all also mothers except for LaNessa, are concerned that they will inevitably pass their unhealthy eating habits down to their kids. During episode four, chef Cat Cora stopped by to show the women how to cook for themselves and their families in a healthy way in order to prevent their eating patterns from being passed down to another generation. (more…)