DietTribe Episode 8 Recap

diettribe finaleOn this past week’s episode of DietTribe, the women reached the finish line. The women competed in their triathlon and their final weights and makeovers are revealed. They also received a surprise reward for their commitment to their diets: A seven-day lavish cruise with their families.

Here’s what happened on the finale of DietTribe Season Two:

The five women said good-bye to their trainer, Jessie Pavelka and had their last therapy session with their counselor, Stacy Kaiser. With both of their trainers giving them poignant final words of wisdom and continued motivation, the women were on their way to move forward with their not just their weight loss journey but with their lives, which had transformed over the past 120 days into a positive and practical path for healthy living.

Most of the final episode chronicled the women’s triathlon experience. After swimming one-quarter of a mile and clocking more miles on the bicycles and on foot, they all made it to the finish line. Their hard work paid off and they had the sleek muscles, triumphant tears, and sweaty tank tops to prove it. With their families there to greet them at the end of their two-hour-long race, the women succeeded in reaching one of their two primary DietTribe goals.

After the race, the girls were treated to a complete head-to-toe makeover. Styled and dressed in red-carpet-ready attire, the women not only revealed their amazing new and lean looks but they also weighed in for the last time.

Here are the final weight loss totals after their 120-pound weight loss journey.

Stephanie: New weight: 193 pounds. Total pounds lost: 51 pounds. Met weight loss goal.

Rita: New weight: 144 pounds. Total pounds lost: 33 pounds. Two pounds shy of meeting her weight loss goal.

LaNessa: New weight: 274 pounds. Total pounds lost: 61 pounds. Met weight loss goal.

Tiffany: New weight: 175 pounds. Total pounds lost: 46 pounds. Four pounds shy of weight loss goal.

Mary: New weight: 159 pounds. Total pounds lost: 51 pounds. Met weight loss goal.

Three of the five ladies met and many exceeded their weight loss goal of 50 pounds (Rita had to lose only 35 pounds). The DietTribe members who didn’t meet their 50-pound goal, are committed to knocking off those remaining pounds and continue to move on with their new and transformed lives.

DietsInReview will keep you posted on their continued progress and we’ll keep you updated on any sneak peaks into next season’s DietTribe series.

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