DietTribe Season Two Episode Five Recap

diettribe season twoOn episode five of Lifetime TV’s DietTribe Season Two, the five women faced some of their toughest fears by braving the ocean waters in order to train for the triathalon which is just a mere six weeks away.

With ten weeks left to go on their weight loss journey, the women have just crossed the half-way point of their 120-day challenge to lose 50 pounds each and compete in a triathalon. Despite Mary’s near panic attack in the water, all of them made it to shore safely and with a newly found confidence in themselves.

Episode five’s theme was all about overcoming fears. From LaNessa living her dream and singing in front of a crowd (think a baseball stadium full of people) and to swimming in the Pacific Ocean, the tribe made momentous strides during these past two weeks and their weigh-in reflected their continued progress.

Here is a look at that progress in numbers:

Tiffany: Starting weight: 221 pounds. Current weight: 192 pounds. Total pounds lost: 29 pounds

Rita: Starting weight: Current weight: 160 pounds. Total pounds lost: 17 pounds

Stephanie: Starting weight: 244 pounds. Current weight: 210 pounds Total pounds lost: 34 pounds

Mary: Starting weight: 210 pounds. Current weight: 176 pounds. Total pounds lost: 34 pounds

LaNessa: Starting weight: 335 pounds. Current weight: 297 pounds. Total pounds lost: 38 pounds

Tune in for episode six when the girls celebrate Stephanie’s 40th birthday.

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