DietTribe Season 2 Premiere Recap

In case you missed it, we have all the highlights for you from the season 2 premiere of Lifetime’s DietTribe.

diettribeLast week, we  introduced you to the five Tribe ladies who are on a 120-day journey to lose 50 pounds and compete in a triathlon. In addition, we had a chance to speak with two of the show’s contestants, sisters Stephanie Taulealea and Tiffany Young.

On the season premiere, trainer Jessie Pavelka went grocery shopping for the girls and then educated them on the portion sizes, the importance of lean protein and introduced them to the kind of clean-eating diet they would be following over the next 120 days. He also took the girls hiking, and at the end of their trekking excursion, they were introduced to their psychotherapist, Stacy Kaiser, who helped them literally take their first step along their weight loss journey.

All five women had to jump off a large pole suspended by harnesses that caught them as soon as they stepped off the platform. Each of the women managed to take this symbolic leap of faith despite their fears, anxiety and tears.

The rules of Season 2 are a bit different than DietTribe’s first season. Over the course of their four-month journey, the women must lose on average of six pounds every two weeks in order to meet their individual weight loss goals of 50 pounds.

diettribe weigh-inAnd at the end of their first two weeks of training and dieting, here’s what their weigh-in stats looked like:

Stephanie: Starting weight: 244 pounds. Current weight: 234 pounds. Pounds lost to date: 10 pounds.

Tiffany: Starting weight: 221 pounds. Current weight: 211 pounds. Pounds lost to date: 10 pounds.

LaNessa: Starting weight: 335 pounds. Current weight: 325 pounds. Pounds lost to date: 10 pounds.

Rita: Starting weight: 177 pounds. Current weight: 174 pounds. Pounds lost to date: 3 pounds.

Mary: Starting weight: 210 pounds. Current weight: 197 pounds. Pounds lost to date: 13 pounds.

Tune in this Friday to Lifetime to find out how much farther along the DietTribe members journey towards their weight loss goals.

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