DietTribe Season 2 Premieres October 2

Carve out some time this evening to watch the return of DietTribe, Lifetime’s reality series about a group of friends who have made a commitment to lose weight together.diettribe

Back are fitness and health expert Jessie Pavelka and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser as they guide this season’s tribe to making healthy changes in their lives and overcome many of the personal obstacles that have prevented them from losing weight.

Season 2 follows five friends for 120 days as they work together to motivate each other to endure some of the toughest workouts of their lives and adhere to the clean-eating plan they must follow in order to lose the 35-50 pounds that Jessie has challenged them with. In addition, the women must also compete in a triathlon at the end of their four-month journey.

Here’s a sneak peak at the colorful cast of characters that make up DietTribe’s Season 2 tribe:

Sisters Stephanie Taulealea and Tiffany Young have done pretty much everything together including sharing poor eating habits and enduring gastric bypass surgery. Having gained all of the weight back following the procedure, the sisters are committed to taking control of their weight and their lives, once and for all. Learn more about Stephanie and Tiffany from DietsInReview’s personal interview with them.

LaNessa Watson is the only non-mom of the tribe, but it was her rallying that inspired her four other friends to consider joining DietTribe. LaNessa is determined to lose 50 pounds and her low self-esteem, both of which have been weighing her down her whole life.

Mary Lasnier is finally putting herself first. This stay-at-home mom joins her friends in order to take control of her physical and emotional health after having just endured a painful divorce.

Rita Porter is a former athlete who desperately misses her once-fit self. Juggling motherhood and kids, Rita is also placing herself first in order to reclaim her athletic self and keep up with her husband and young children.

Season 2 premieres this Friday, October 2 at 9:00 p.m ET/PT. will be watching all of the episodes and providing you with weekly updates of the tribe’s progress.

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