DietTribe Recap Episode Six

diettribe season twoOn episode six of Lifetime’s DietTribe, Stephanie turned 40 and celebrated the milestone with her friends and family aboard a glamorous boat for a memorable birthday.

The episode first kicked off with an emotional reunion between sisters Tiffany and Stephanie and their family members who came in to town just for the birthday celebration. Then to the tune of music, dancing, teary speeches and of course, birthday cake, the girls, clad in gown sizes they hadn’t worn in years, toasted not just Stephanie’s birthday, but their collective weight loss success as well.

Perhaps it was the presence of their trainer, Jessie, but the ladies also exercised a serious dose of self-control and moderation when faced with a delicious spread of food. Fortunately, since the party was organized by two fellow DietTribe members, Mary and Tiffany, the menu was specifically chosen to reflect the clean-eating diet the group has been following for the past two months.

Another memorable moment during episode six came when Rita announced that she and her husband lost their home to foreclosure, but by allowing the bank to take ownership of their home, they are still able to remain living in it. In a show of commitment and perseverance, Rita did not allow the weight of her financial struggle to result in actual weight gain. Instead, she used the opportunity to strengthen her resolve in her weight loss journey and shared her thoughts and inspiration with her fellow tribe members and DietTribe therapist, Stacy Kaiser.

Eighty days into their weight loss program, here is the result of their weight loss thus far:

Rita: New weight: 156 pounds. Pounds lost: 4 pounds. Total weight loss: 21 pounds.

Stephanie: New weight: 203 pounds. Pounds lost: 7 pounds. Total weight loss: 41 pounds.

Mary: New weight: 170 pounds. Pounds lost: 6 pounds. Total weight loss: 40 pounds.

LaNessa: New weight: 294 pounds. Pounds lost: 3 pounds. Total weight loss: 40 pounds.

Tiffany: New weight: 186 pounds. Pounds lost: 6 pounds. Total weight loss: 35 pounds.

Tune in next week when we recap episode seven of DietTribe Season Two.

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