DietTribe Season Two Episode Four Recap

cat cora diettribeThe women of Lifetime’s DietTribe Season Two continue to lose weight with each passing week but not without recognizing just how far their weight struggles can reach.

The women, who are all also mothers except for LaNessa, are concerned that they will inevitably pass their unhealthy eating habits down to their kids. During episode four, chef Cat Cora stopped by to show the women how to cook for themselves and their families in a healthy way in order to prevent their eating patterns from being passed down to another generation.

With love as one of the strongest motivators, the ladies gathered around the kitchen with Cat who helped them prepare healthy, kid-friendly snacks and meals that will keep their children lean, strong and fit. In addition, Cat’s creations will show the kids just how delicious whole foods can be. One of the recipes that she concocted was a low-fat batch of chicken fingers using cornflakes as a crunchy coating rather than heavy batter and baking them rather than frying them in order to trim calories and fat grams.

After their cooking lesson, the DietTribe members had their scheduled weighed in.

Here are the results following the half-way point of their 120-day weight loss journey:

Tiffany: Starting weight: 221 pounds. Current weight: 196 pounds. Total weight loss: 25 pounds

LaNessa: Starting weight: 335 pounds. Current weight: 303 pounds. Total weight loss: 32 pounds

Rita: Starting weight:177 pounds. Current weight: 163 pounds. Total weight loss: 14 pounds

Mary: Starting weight: 210 pounds. Current weight: 183 pounds. Total weight loss: 27 pounds

Stephanie: Starting weight: 244 pounds. Current weight: 215 pounds. Total weight loss: 29 pounds

Keep tuning in to for continued updates on the progress of ladies of DietTribe Season Two.

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