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Mary Hartley

Mary Hartley

Registered Dietitian

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Mary Hartley has been a registered dietitian and leader in the nutrition field for decades, working in HMOs, clinics, medical practices, teaching hospitals, and universities, helping people of all ages to benefit from nutrition therapy. Mary has logged more than 20,000 patient visits.

Mary recently returned to clinical practice after working in the Internet industry, where she was the Director of Nutrition for for 5 years. She now practices in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, charming historic sections of Brooklyn, New York where she makes “house call visits” to patients and their families. For everyone else, she counsels via video chat, telephone, and email. Mary also does freelance work as a nutrition expert and brand ambassador for products and services in the areas of food and nutrition and related IT. She is proud to represent and advise

When it comes to weight control, Mary is committed to a flexible, realistic and personal approach. She does not believe in fad diets or unnecessary diet pills, and she does believe in making informed choices based on values and preferences with a clear understanding of the consequences, for better or for worse. Throughout her career, she has used a "Non-Diet Approach" to weight control, which emphasizes appetite regulation and learning to solve emotional problems without using food.

Mary can be found blogging at and Tweeting as @MaryHartleyRD. She has a B.S. in Food and Nutritional Science from the University of Rhode Island, a Masters of Public Health from the University of Minnesota, and she did her clinical dietetics internship at the New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston.

Mary lives alone in Brooklyn, NY, five blocks away from her adult daughter, Eliza, and she frequently travels to Rhode Island to see her family and lifelong friends.

Fun Facts About Mary

I Never Leave Home Without My NYC MTA Metro Card

Where I'd Rather Be At the beach

My Bragging Rights I’ve maintained the same weight (just about) for 35 years

Refrigerator Staples Leftovers, seltzer, fish oil capsules

My Favorite Healthy Food Sesame Honey Almonds at Trader Joe’s

My Guiltiest Pleasure Coffee with sugar and half and half (tied with wine)

Song That Gets Me Going in the Gym Any ‘80s club song

Favorite Gym Activity Pilates mat class

Shows I have to DVR Downtown Abbey

The Book I'd Read Again Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating by Geneen Roth.

First Paid Gig Babysitter

Accomplishment Most Proud of successfully raising a high-EQ daughter who is a fabulous cook!

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