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Jillian Michaels may be Leaving Biggest Loser

Published March 31, 2009
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In an interview with, Jillian Michaels discussed her role on the hit NBC reality program, The Biggest Loser. Due to a recent casting call for new trainers, she was asked if she'll be staying with the show. Jillian's response was direct, "I might not be."

"I need certain things to continue with the show, and if I can't get them, then no," says Jillian. She acknowledges that NBC has been great in negotiations, but that might not be enough because she's simply not happy.

"I am freakin' miserable!" she admits, noting that Biggest Loser Season 7 has been a tough one for her, going so far as to say that she really hated some of the contestants and that made it difficult to work with them.

In February, NBC announced the casting call for trainers to be a part of season eight, which will air in fall 2009. Speculation immediately rose amongst fans of The Biggest Loser. While an NBC spokesperson said they were merely "keeping creative options open for next season," Jillian clarifies that there are definite questions about her continued position.

News of a possible departure by Jillian has caused a flurry of activity amongst fans on message boards, many noting that Jillian is the reason they watch, that they'd hate to see her go and that they likely would no longer watch if she was not a part of the program.

You can hear the interview with Jillian Michaels in its entirety, as well as a part two in which she discusses her new book, "Master Your Metabolism," at

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