Jillian Michaels Reveals She May Not Stay with Biggest Loser

Will she stay or will she go? That’s the question being asked by fans of The Biggest Loser ever since they announced the casting call for a new trainer on season eight.jillian michaels

We asked Jillian Michaels this morning if she planned to stay and her response was direct, “I might not be.” She said she’s working with NBC, acknowledging that they’ve been great in negotiations, but said “certain things need to happen” for her to stick around another season.

Listen to our interview with Jillian now, as she describes her personal conflict with the season seven contestants, and debates her role in the show going forward.

Anyone watching Biggest Loser season seven can sense that Jillian’s just not that into it. She told us she’s not happy, in fact she’s “miserable.” She warned us in our season six finale interview that season seven would be a tough one because the contestants have “figured it out,” stating that they say just the right things for the camera, and even arrive on campus asking how they go about getting an agent. Jillian told us that while she has kept close, personal relationships with previous contestants, this season was difficult because she just simply hated some of them.

Jillian says there is a price to pay when you’re unhappy all the time, so for now, the decision remains TBD as she sorts it out with NBC.

See part one of our interview, in which Jillian discusses her new book, “Master Your Metabolism.”

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162 Responses to Jillian Michaels Reveals She May Not Stay with Biggest Loser

  1. xemw says:


    Your ignorance disgusts me. I am in no way arguing that Jillian Michaels is an incredible, genuine and knowledgeable trainer. She is amazing – her body of work speaks volumes.

    The Biggest Loser is a competition. It is a reality television show. It changes lifestyles’ but it also gives contestants the opportunity to win 250K and we witness the pieces that make it past editing.

    For people trying to lose weight, the process is physical and emotional. Sione and Filipe have both said that they connected better with Bob than Jillian. Tess, who are you to judge-were you there. Perhaps, the cousins’ communication and delivery could have been better, but consider what they are playing for and what they are overcoming physically and emotionally.

    You refer to them as the Tongan Twits; what role does ethnicity play. Suppose it was Mike and Ron – would you still include race; like Cretin Caucasians. Hopefully not, if ethnicity does not matter then why bring it up, Tess.

    Racism is alive and well.

  2. richelle says:

    i am soooo thrilled jillian is staying!! and am excited they have already started taping for season 8!

    I agree that jerry and helen did not look very healthy.. infact helen looked a lot older

  3. eloise says:

    I really like both Bob and Jillian. They inspire people in different ways. They also both appear to be excellent trainers to me. I don’t think anyone really cares who wins the money at the end or who trained the person who won it. We’re interested in the training and weight loss process. The rest is just fluff we have to put up with.
    I wish more attention were paid to the psychology of the contestants. You don’t lose a hundred or more pounds without some serious psychological changes going on (probably for the next few years). Ron’s family is a good example. Ron worked (consciously or unconsciously) for years to have his sons gain a few hundred pounds. Now he plans to just as earnestly help his son Max lose a few hundred pounds. That element of control is still there. And what about the mother of this family. What’s her role in this — she has two sons who weighed over 300 pounds. Why didn’t she intervene and get them some help rather than let the father “abuse” them with food. All the cheery talk on television about father and son bonding and how they are now going to help Max is just masking the kind of psychological turmoil that family will undergo pretty quickly. And Helen pushing her daughter aside so she could stay on the show? What is it in Helen that allows her to do that? And what does her daughter think about it now that she knows that her mother will put herself first, even in situations which are life threatening: Tara’s unrelenting competitiveness coupled with behavior that is always at the extreme, for example her crying at her injured partner going home to get well? Felipe and Sione’s meltdown when made to switch trainers? What goes on here and who steps in to counsel contestants as they go through this journey?
    I wish the show focused less on games and prizes and more on this entire life-changing process. And I would like to hear the conversations occasionally between Bob and Jillian. They must discuss their training with each other and I would find their insights interesting.
    NBC is crazy if it doesn’t support both Jillian and Bob in changes they suggest. No one watches TBL because they want to see another game show. Season 8 will be turned off pretty quickly by many if it’s just more and more commercials and games and prizes. Hello? It’s supposed to be a reality show.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hey Everyone I just came across this where Jillian says she is doing seasons 8 and 9! Check it out! I felt much better after reading it!

  5. cindy says:

    OMG. This was a great, news-breaking interview BUT some advice to the interviewer: SHUT UP!

    When Jillian starts talking about how she “hated” her contestants — a quote that could have made international news — it is NOT the time to talk over her by saying, “That’s really unfortunate.” Guess what? We don’t care what you have to say — we care what Jillian has to say. But you talked over her so much, she quit talking half the time.

    Learn to be quiet!!!!! You’re not her friend — you’re an interviewer. If a person like Jillian starts rambling on about hating contestants, just shut up and enjoy the ride! Or, ask a follow up question: “What’s an example of something the constestants did to make you dislike them?” But don’t giggle or say stupid empathizing statements like, “That’s so unfortunate.”

    Also, don’t interview a person of Jillian’s stature on a CELL phone. Your voice and all your listening noises were even louder (and thus more annoying) due to reception issues from the cell phone.

  6. Lexi says:

    In this audio video, Jillian names some people she had issues with and I couldn’t agree more. They were the very reason we actually switched channels on multiple occasions. I got so tired of some of them being so nasty.

    What is with Bob? Is he really this nice guy or what? Why would all ‘his people’ have that attitude about Jillian but Jillian’s do not about Bob? My family and I have actually started to not like Bob very much and we watch only to see Jillian kick butt! We love her. I purchased one of her exercise videos. Good heavens I’m still on the very first level. That has NEVER happened to me before. I usually can jumpt right to the hardest or at least medium leve but oh no, not with Jillian.

    I hope they give her what she wants and I hope a part of what she wants is to get rid of the phony people and the jerks and stop Bob from playing mind games. I just want to see the show the way it used to be like in the first few seasons. It was really good then, all about weight loss.

    Some of the things they advertise are clearly not good for you so I wonder how Jillian feels about that too. I hope that is also a part of her bargaining.


  7. Jo says:

    I am surprised not to have read this anywhere else. I know I might watch the first episode or two of the new season if she doesn’t return as a trainer.

    She is the entertainment in the show– loud, abrasive, but funny all the same. Bob is too nice and when he snaps, he’s like a menopausal woman snapping out and it is short lived.

    STAY JILLIAN! Or at least get another show or something. 😛

  8. Jo says:

    *Forgot: I agree with the prior postings. I don’t know what happened with the show; but why is it the BLUE team gets so closed off? They appear to purposely seclude themselves from the black team and disregard the fact that for a lot of the season, they are working FOR themselves or just their solo color (ie. green/pink/etc.).

    Bob’s team always gets brainwashed. Look at Philipe– he was almost in love with Bob. He wouldn’t do anything for Jillian. Hello!?! This is a weight loss show! Exercise– and be happy someone is paying for your health care, fitness /etc. Don’t worry who is! This is for your life, not to be buddy buddy with a damn trainer.

  9. Titus says:

    OMG that just blows my mind. Jill you can’t go…. You have done so much for us big people….don’t get me wrong I like Bob to but Jill you really motivate us in getting out there and lose weight. It has taken me 2 yrs since I started watching Biggest Loser to lose 104 lbs. I don’t think that I would be able to lose more weight with out you give us advise and cheering us on… Your such a good trainer and I would hate to see you leave. Please reconsider….

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