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The Embarrassingly Easy Diet

A diet that raises more questions than it answers.

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As of 2/14/11, The Embarrassingly Easy Diet no longer appears to be in business. Confirmed 4/10/13 by the author that this diet is no longer available.

The Embarrassingly Easy Diet is a program that was created by Cameron Pazirandeh. This diet follows the basic concept of doing what feels right to you. By engaging in personal and private coaching sessions with Pazirandeh, this diet tries to get you to give up the ideals you might have of about how you should be living your life and instead embrace the idea of letting your inner love guide you to your goals. This includes having a slice of chocolate cake, if that’s what you desire at the time.

You are encouraged to trust your inner self to guide you toward success in weight loss. You may not see progress right away, but over time with patience and frequency of making small steps towards a healthier lifestyle, you will experience progress.

To find out how this diet might work for you, you must contact Cameron Pazirandeh directly for a consultation.

  • Diet revolves around doing what feels right to you
  • Appears that nothing is off limits
  • Stresses the importance of emotional health and emotional well being over diet and weight loss -May help you to embrace your current health status as well as move you in a directions towards meeting your health goals
  • Diet is very vague unless you contact the creator directly
  • Lacks a clear and organized eating plan
  • Plan has a gimmick feel to it

The Embarrassingly Easy Diet is built on the principle to be happy while dieting rather than dieting to be happy. Because of the emotional nature of the diet, there is not a clear and organized diet plan, but rather you are encouraged to be intentional about the foods you choose to eat, how much you should eat and when you should eat.

Tips such as taking just a few bites of a decadent dish and savoring its taste and texture are encouraged. No foods are off-limits but you are encouraged to create awareness around your food choices and how you feel after eating a particular food.


The same principle of being happy while dieting rather than dieting to be happy also applies to exercising with The Embarrassingly Easy Diet.

If you want to exercise more, you are encouraged to take small baby steps, such as walking down the block, turning around and walking back. Over time as you do this and employ patience and frequency with your intention, you will soon create a healthy habit that is ingrained in your lifestyle and that comes from a place of self-love and genuine intention.


The Embarrassingly Easy Diet focuses more on the emotional and mental work of health rather than on counting carbs and getting in your 30 minutes of exercise every day. The program does though solid information as well as supporting materials. And its private coaching method has an uncomfortable feel to it.

So for those who are looking for a clear-cut weight loss plan, you might want to consider looking elsewhere. But for those who want to explore their emotional relationship to their health, then setting up a consultation with the The Embarrassingly Easy Diet founder might prove to be worthwhile.

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