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The Body Reset Diet

Harley Pasternak's plan to get healthy in 15 days.

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The Body Reset Diet claims to be a healthy and effective program designed to hit the body’s “reset” button so dieters can lose weight and get healthy in 15 days.

Harley Pasternak, author of the New York Times bestselling diet book 5-Factor Diet, created the Body Reset Diet in answer to complicated diets that offer little to no long-term results and dangerous exercise regimens that can cause injury and trigger weight gain. Pasternak earned his master’s of science in exercise physiology and nutritional sciences from the University of Toronto, and he holds an honors degree in kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario.

As a nutrition and fitness expert, Pasternak is famous for working with some of Hollywood’s most coveted physiques – from Halle Berry to Robert Downey, Jr. However, Pasternak created the Body Reset Diet for average Americans needing to lose weight fast.

The Body Reset Diet is a three-phase diet and exercise program focused on increasing dieters’ health through what the author claims is the most effective weight loss strategy: blending.

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  • Fifteen-day program promises fast weight loss
  • Meals and snacks are laid out for dieters to follow exactly
  • Exercise program is low-impact and consists mostly of walking
  • Author is a respected fitness expert
  • Liquid-based diet can be uncomfortable for some dieters who prefer more texture
  • Fifteen-day program can easily be dropped
  • Some dieters might need more or less exercise that the program recommends; not much flexibility for being more intense

The Body Reset Diet diet and nutrition program begins with a five-day diet plan consisting of blended recipes, such as smoothies, soups and stews. The remaining 10 days of the diet and nutrition program provides dieters with more blended and non-blended recipes that claim to keep metabolism burning continually. With each five days that pass, dieters will replace one smoothie meal with a solid meal. According to Pasternak, consuming liquid meals through blending will “reset” the body’s metabolism and digestive tract for better health performance.


The Body Reset Diet exercise program is designed with low-impact, light workout routines, such as walking and light resistance training. Pasternak believes that low-impact, light workouts will help dieters lose more weight than with high-impact workouts without risking injury.


The Body Reset Diet is not a juice cleanse or a liquid-only diet. Instead, the Body Reset Diet uses ingredients in blended form to provide the same fats, carbohydrates and proteins the body needs to function – just like a healthy solid meal would. Consuming liquid meals, however, improves the body’s ability to digest, which increases metabolism. In addition, the Body Reset Diet does not ask dieters to swear off solid food. Some dieters who haven’t been to the gym for a while might benefit from the program’s low-impact, cardio-light exercise routine. Other dieters, however, might need more intense workouts to keep them interested in physical fitness.

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Pasternak's book the body reset diet. The reason many people are losing anything is because his calorie counts at the bottom of his recipes are a BIG FAT LIE. His potato pepper omlete his clocks this recipe at 355 calorie, it a HUGE 611 calorie. His Topical White Smoothie is over 500cal when he clocks this recipe at 300. No one has noticed this? Don't trust his numbers, and adjust the amounts 1/3 cup of Pineapple! You can't do 1/2 cup of pineapple or mango, it's too many calories!!!! And you won't lose weight. I am still pissed about the Wheat Belly Book, it grew my belly and I gain a lot from it. I have learned one lesson well Two. One don't trust diet book authors. The Plan was another bit of BS. You cook more than a chef and busy restaurant and don't forget to not exercise. And the second lesson is the log jounal and count calories. I am pleased the Fitbit's Dashboard and pedometer.

posted Sep 11th, 2013 10:44 pm


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