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The Baha'i Diet

Simple instructions for those following the Baha'i faith.

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The Baha’i Diet is a way of eating that is embraced by those that practice the Baha’i Faith. The Baha’i believe in eating a healthy diet and eating foods in moderation. Alcohol is not allowed in any form. It’s not even permitted in cooking. There is really no specific diet that is recommended for the Baha’i faith, but it has been stated that eventually fruit, nuts and grains may replace meat in the human diet by Abdu’l –Baha.

Some writings have suggested that the ideal diet for the Baha’i would be a vegetarian or vegan diet. This thought hinges on the statement about meat being eliminated from the human diet in the future. Some Baha’i writings speak specifically about treating disease through herbs. There is also a warning that one should not eat unless they feel hungry. Thoroughly chewing food before swallowing, eating a light breakfast and walking after eating to settle your food are all recommendations given in Baha’i writings.

Those that observe the Baha’i faith do commit to a fast each year. This is known as a 19 day fast and occurs from March 2-20. The fast occurs from sunrise to sunset each day with nothing being consumed but water while the sun is up.

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  • Very few absolutes in this diet
  • Teaches people to eat in moderation
  • No alcohol is permitted which can be high in calories
  • Leans towards eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains
  • Some may find alcohol hard to give up
  • Some may have a hard time with the 19 day fast
  • Not a diet that you use to lose weight

There are no absolutes where the Baha’i diet is concerned except for alcohol. No alcohol is to be consumed in any form including cooking. There is hint of a vegetarian or vegan diet in some of the Baha’i writings, but this type of diet is not forced on anyone. Some writings have stated that in the future it is believed that humans will eliminate meat completely from their diets and focus on eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. It is purely up to the individual if they choose to eat meat or not. There is also some fasting involved in the month of March each year. From sunrise to sunset each day from March 2-20 is the annual fast. This means that nothing other than water can be consumed while the sun is up.


There is no explicit exercise program involved as this diet is not for losing weight.


Knowing the diet of one’s religious affiliation is important. The Baha’i Diet is one that has few restrictions and would be fairly easy to follow. Although the diet isn’t one that focuses on weight loss, the recommendations of the diet are good practices for having a healthy weight. Eating in moderation, having a light breakfast and taking a walk after you eat are all recommendations from the Baha’i writings, and would result in leading a healthy lifestyle.

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What a great overview!

However, I would also insist that an edit be done to be fully accurate: not even water is allowed to be consumed during the Fast.

Many thanks for putting this up in ome consice article!

posted Feb 17th, 2016 2:25 pm


I agree with Ruth. The information is quite accurate and comprehensive except for the fact that during the Baha'i fasting period not even water is allowed from sunrise to sunset. It is a period of complete abstinence from all physical sustenance. Please correct the statement for absolutely accurate information on the Baha'i diet.

posted Jul 8th, 2015 6:29 pm


This description seems accurate enough except for the last part about fasting. Not even water is to be consumed during the day.

Although it is not in the writings, a good way to start the day during the fast is with plenty of whole grains, a big glass of water and no caffeinated drinks. Whole grains give digest slower. Caffeine can be dehydrating.

posted Jan 17th, 2011 5:59 am


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