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The All-Natural Menopause Diet

The All-Natural Menopause Diet

Natural relief for those nagging menopause symptoms.

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The All-Natural Menopause Diet: The Drug-Free, Natural Way to Beat Your Symptoms and Lose Weight, written by Theresa Cheung and Dr. Adam Balen, is a guide to help women go through menopause naturally and without any hormone-replacement drug therapies.

The book is more about overall wellness than it is about losing weight. The program highlights nutrition, exercise, relaxation strategies and detoxification.

The All-Natural Menopause Diet encourages a whole-foods diet filled with organic fresh fruits and vegetables and wild fish. The book also contains advice and suggestions to prevent hot flashes, protect against osteoporosis, balance hormones and boost libido.

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  • Offers a drug-free strategy to manage the symptoms of menopause
  • Promotes a healthy diet, one that can prevent weight gain that often accompanies menopause
  • Written by a medical professional
  • Most of the information given is standard with most diet programs

The All-Natural Menopause Diet contains several helpful tips in making proper changes to your diet. Making these changes will help drastically reduce some of the symptoms and potential consequences of menopause such as osteoporosis, weight gain and hot flashes.

Some of the major components included in this diet are:

  • Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to cleanse out your body
  • Increase your intake of flax seed
  • Eat three well balanced meals per day with two snacks
  • Limit carbohydrates to 15 grams per meal and 7 grams per snack in order to keep a low glycemic load
  • Take a multivitamin
  • Consume foods that contain natural estrogen and avoid foods that inhibit estrogen

Exercise is also an important part of dealing with menopause. With any program that promotes overall health, exercise is sure to be a factor. Physical activity has been shown to reduce hot flashes, weight gain and depression. Some of the recommended exercises that can help with menopause symptoms are:

  • Walking
  • Dancing
  • Weight training
  • Other aerobic exercises

All women must go through menopause after reaching a certain age. With the All-Natural Menopause Diet, you can make that process go a lot smoother. Being able to naturally reduce some of the symptoms and even reverse some of them can be very comforting to a woman during a time that is very stressful. Whether you are close to menopause age or right in the middle of it, the All-Natural Menopause Diet could be just the tool you need to make it through without using drugs or medications.

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Good to know about the Natural Menopause Diet. When it comes to HRT vs. all-natural diet, it's just such a no-brainer choice. Glad to know this is a good diet. Curious if you have looked at the diet from? It's all natural, too, and has a ton of positive buzz from users. Would love to see your thoughts. Happy 2010!

posted Dec 31st, 2009 11:29 am


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