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McDonalds 15 Minute Workout DVDs

Time-efficient workout DVDs from a time-efficient fast-food chain.

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McDonald's isn't usually the name synonymous with fitness and health, even though the fast-food giant has gone to great strides in recent years to boost their nutrition reputation. While the salads and fruit yogurt parfaits are well-known among drive-thru and non-drive-thru customers, what is not as well known is McDonald's line of workout DVDs.

McDonalds 15 Minute Workout DVDs are a series of four exericise videos that each focus on a specific core area: Cardio, Yoga, Strength and Core.

Kind of like healthy fast-exercise, rather than fast-food, each video contains a succinct 15-minute workout that you can do from your home.

The DVDs have been around since 2006. When they were first launched, you would get a free DVD with your purchase of a McDonalds salad and a drink, but today, they can only be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Fifteen-minute time frame is very practical
  • Can be done at home
  • Focuses on a specific exericise area
  • Not considered experts in the area of fitness
  • Fifteen minutes is probably not enough physical activity to get you in shape
  • McDonald's name may make for some skeptical consumers

No nutrition guidance is provided, but the McDonald's website contains a variety of tools that can help you craft a somewhat healthy fast-food meal or learn about the nutrition content of your favorite McDonalds' products.


There are four McDonalds Workout DVDs, each one features a 15-minute workout that you can do from home.

The four DVDs are:

  • McDonalds 15 Minute Cardio Workout DVD
  • McDonalds 15 Minute Yoga Workout DVD
  • McDonalds 15 Minute Strength Workout DVD
  • McDonalds 15 Minute Core Workout DVD

All of the DVDs feature, Maya, as the instructor. She talks you through each workout, provides motivation and technique tips.


Whether you get a chuckle from learning that McDonalds has its own line of workout DVDs or whether you break a sweat from engaging in the 15-minute exericise video, the McDonalds Workout DVDs will definitely incite a reaction from those who hear about them.

McDonalds deserves applause for their efforts in healthy-ing up their image, but let's just hope that the workout DVDs don't feature any subliminal messages that cue you to order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese once you've toweled off from your workout.

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