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Last Weight Loss Book

A simple weight loss book in a simple ebook format.

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The Last Weight Loss Book is a an ebook available for download that provides you with some simple truths behind many of the most popular diet myths. Recognizing that weight loss can only come when fad diets, fake weight loss foods and most of the foods consumed by the average American diet are eliminated from your lifestyle, the Last Weight Loss Book is a plan built on common sense, practical and scientific facts.

Written by D Patrick, who has struggled with weight for years and had a health wake-up call when diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, this ebook takes a rigorous look at the food and diet industry as well as why our lifestyles have gotten us into the weighty predicament millions of us find ourselves in.

  • Contains detailed and comprehensive information
  • Offers a simple approach to weight loss
  • Download allows quick access to plan
  • Written by someone who has battled with weight and weight-induced diseases
  • Promotes a whole-foods, minimally-processed diet plan
  • Does not offer any new information
  • Similar to many other diet plans that advocate for a clean-eating diet
  • Difficult to get a feel for what plan is like unless you purchase ebook

The Last Weight Loss Book offers some pretty in-depth information into the food and diet industry. In addition, it also debunks diet fallacies such as why eating certain low-fat foods won't contribute to weight loss, why drinking fruit juice is akin to consuming sugary soda and why eating a bowl of cereal won't curtail your hunger.

Since the author of the ebook was able to reverse his Type 2 Diabetes through lifestyle changes, the food plan outlined in the ebook largely centers around a diet that keeps blood sugar levels balanced. Therefore, plenty of veggies, lean proteins, healthy amounts of fat, low-fat dairy and whole-grain carbohydrates are the mainstay of the Last Weight Loss Book.

You can expect to eat a small amount of protein at every meal as well as learn how to control portion sizes, how to educate yourself on what is in the foods you are eating and how to eat smartly and efficiently for your body's metabolism.


Regular exercise is strongly encouraged as part of the Last Weight Loss Book as a way to boost metabolism, lose weight and improve mental health.


The Last Weight Loss Book is an ebook that provides a clear and simple weight loss plan for you to lose weight. The plan unfortunately does not include any novel information that other popular diets have espoused before, so don't expect to receive any earth-shattering news while reading through this program.

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