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Isreali Army Diet

An eight-day fad diet that will shed pounds quickly.

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Considered a fad diet like the Grapefruit Diet, the Israeli Army Diet is a highly regimented diet plan that lasts for 8 days. Rumored to be used by new army recruits by the Israeli Defense Forces, the diet has no connection to the actual Isreali Army.

The Israeli Army Diet consists of eating one or two foods every day in addition to coffee and tea. Given its lack of calories and nutrition, the diet is not endorsed by any medical or health professionals even though it is likely to result in short-term weight loss.

  • Likely to result in short-term weight loss
  • Eight day duration is not a lengthy time commitment
  • No connection to Israeli military
  • Considered a fad diet
  • Weight loss is only short-term
  • Very strict diet doesn't allow it to be followed for an extended period of time
  • High diet drop-out rates

The Israeli Diet is a very low calorie and nutrient empty diet. It was designed for short-term, rapid weight loss in addition to teaching discipline.

For eight days, the person consumes one kind of food for two days at a time. Coffee and tea are allowed on all days.

  • Days one and two: Apples
  • Days three and four: Cheese
  • Days five and six: Chicken
  • Days seven and eight: Salad

There are no specific exercise guidelines, but since the Israeli Army Diet was created for army recruits, it can be assumed that intense exercise was undertaken during the eight days of the plan.


The Israeli Army Diet is not much more than a fad diet that was popularized in the 1970s when it was rumored to be used for Israeli Defense Forces recruits. While it is a surefire bet to drop pounds in a short period of time, its strict plan and its unbalanced nutrition profile makes it an unsupported and criticized choice amongst health experts.

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