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Forking Diet

Only eat food that you can spear with your fork.

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If your chief complaint about diets is that they all look the same, then you haven't heard of the Forking Diet.

This wacky fad diet requires that you only consume food that you can eat and prepare with a fork.

There are two levels of the Forking Diet: Strict, which includes using only a fork to prepare and eat food; and Gentle, which allows you to use a knife to prepare your food but only your fork to eat it.

The idea behind the diet is to allow you to eat all foods in moderation but to limit dinner, which is often the most calorie-dense meal of the day, to calorie-sparse foods, in order to lose weight.

  • Encourages consumption of vegetables at dinner
  • Promotes eating all foods in moderation
  • Eating the bulk of your calories in the morning is an effective way to lose weight
  • Fork-only rule is not a long-term or practical way to eat
  • Fad diets don't produce sustained weight loss
  • Does not promote healthy relationship with food
  • Restricts healthy food items

The Forking Diet is a very unique eating plan that encourages weight loss by discouraging the consumption of certain foods, namely foods that you need a spoon, knife or your fingers to eat or prepare.

On the diet, you either follow the Strict or Gentle plan. The Strict plan prohibits eating any foods that you eat and prepare with a spoon, knife or your fingers and the Gentle plan allows you to use a knife in the prep work.

Here's how it works: Throughout the day, you eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner. For dinner, you eat fork-only foods, which tend to be lower in calories and are unprocessed.

These are the no-no foods on either the Gentle or Strict plan.

  • Snacks like peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, chips, sausages, pizza, quiche, soup, soft-boiled eggs, avocados and lunch meats.

  • Main courses like sandwiches, burgers, chips, steak, roast meats, liver and stew.

  • Sweets, like fresh or dried fruit, yogurt, cakes, chocolate, sweet desserts, fruit salad, jelly, ice cream, cereals, pancakes, waffles.

  • All bread

  • Sides like sauces, butter or margarine, cheese, mustard and ketchup.

Fork-friendly foods that are allowed are vegetables, lentils, peas, beans, pasta, rice, wheat, semolina and fish.

You can expect to lose one to two pounds per week on the diet.


There are no fitness guidelines provided.


The Forking Diet may raise a few eyebrows even though it may also help you drop a few pounds.

By eating what you want for breakfast, a little less for lunch and a lot less and only certain foods for dinner, you can lose weight. Its encouragement of moderation and ending the day on a light night are commendable.

But the diet has a fad feel to it and its long-term practicality may be difficult to be sustained.

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