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Bootcamp 360 for Brides

Helping brides slim down for their wedding day.

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Whether your wedding day is six months away or four weeks, Bootcamp 360 for Brides is an ideal fitness and diet guide to help you slim down before your big day.

Written by Tamara Kleinberg, who turned her own drill-Sargent routine down on paper and shed five pounds each month before her wedding day, Bootcamp 360 is a sweat-filled, intense and motivating program that encourages you to be your hubby-to-be's "better half, not his better three-quarters."

  • Includes a variety of exercises to help keep you motivated
  • If followed correctly, you'll definitely see results
  • Also includes a healthy eating plan
  • Should either belong to gym or a have a well-equipped home gym to perform all of the exercises
  • Military-style language may turn some off

Bootcamp 360 for Brides includes a nutrition guide as well as recipes that you are encouraged to follow as you perform the workouts in the book.

This reduced-calorie, low-fat and balanced eating program might have you eating an egg white omelet for breakfast, a tomato and feta cheese sandwich for lunch and lemon and garlic roasted chicken for dinner.

Be prepared to eat clean foods with plenty of fresh vegetables and lean protein.


Bootcamp 360's primary goal is to whip you into looking like a radiant and buff bride through an intense and inspiring fitness routine. You set up a time-oriented goal for yourself depending upon how long you have until your wedding day and the book will offer guidelines for you to choose your own fitness regimen that contains both variety and challenge.

Bootcamp 360's exercise plan combines classic weight-lifting and aerobics moves with ball exercises, all of which are performed with high intensity. There are also exercise logs and record sheets so that you can keep track of your progress and performance.

Special attention is paid to the areas of your body that will be on display in your wedding dress like your arms, back and shoulders.


If you're looking to get in shape before your big day and need the toughness of a military bootcamp to keep you motivated, then Tamara Kleinberg's Bootcamp 360 may just be your ticket to a buff bod for your wedding day.

Infused with a variety of aerobic and strength training exercises as well as a healthy eating plan and recipes, Bootcamp 360 is a comprehensive plan that can be adapted to meet your time line for getting in shape. Just keep in mind that if you don't belong to a gym, you'll need to invest in some exercise equipment in order to complete the workout routines.

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