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Lindora offers more than 30 years of weight loss results.

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For more than three decades, Lindora has been helping overweight individuals get "Lean for Life." Dr. Marshall Stamper opened a weight loss clinic following the death of his mother. Her death was the result of obesity and related illnesses. Stamper developed a program that helps people lose weight in a supervised manner, and do so quickly.

In its 35 years, Lindora has grown to 35 clinics in Southern California, as well as a comprehensive Web program. There are clinics located inside Rite Aid pharmacies, the first retail-based clinic providing expert, personalized weight loss plans. It's this medically sound and clinically tested weight loss plan that has successfully helped thousands of women, men and even children.

Lindora targets mind, body and behavior for a well-rounded approach to weight loss that yields long-term benefits. It's a far cry from those rapid-loss fad diets. In fact, one Lindora proprietary finding is the VAP Test, an extensive cholesterol test heralded by the Wall Street Journal on its list of "five tests worth paying for, that can save your life."

You can visit the Lindora clinic for expert weight loss advice, as well as wellness exams, vaccinations and care for minor illnesses.

The website offers the usual fodder such as testimonials, company background and an extensive FAQ. But you can also subscribe to Lindora Online, where you can participate in your choice of several programs.

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  • Lindora is recognized as being a leader in innovation and research
  • Medically supervised
  • In-person clinics and online programs
  • Promotes a well-rounded weight loss approach
  • May be cost prohibitive for some

You'll also have access to meal plans, expert advice, message boards, all from your own home.


The Lindora website gives some basic recommendations for your exercise.


The staff at Lindora is recognized as being a leader in innovation and research in the health community. With that knowledge, you can go into the program with the confidence that you are starting a reputable plan.

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28 lbs in 8 weeks. It worked for me. 7 months later I've had no difficulty maintaining. The key for me is eating 6 times a day (lo cal hi-protein snacks between meals and late at night). My insurance paid half the costs (not the food). I recommend it, but you can do it by just getting th ebook. However, I've found it helpful to clinic every couple weeks to get weighed in (no cost after the program).

posted Feb 15th, 2009 12:27 pm


I tried the their diet as prescribed in the Lean For Life books. It works very well and I lost 30 lbs in the 10 weeks.
The key is to do a complete adjustment phase. As for the cost, it was only the cost of the book, very cheap on Amazon.
I only used what I could buy in the grocery store and probably saved money because I did not eat as much fast food in the process.

posted Feb 3rd, 2009 9:37 am



It was not the diet for me. I lost about 15 pounds. It cost close to 1K. I was only eating about 500 to 800 calories a day. I gained it all back. It was not a diet that is sustainable.

posted Jan 15th, 2009 11:35 pm

Billy Jackson


I love the fat farm!!!! I lost 30 lbs!!! Hurray for the fat farm!!!

posted Jan 13th, 2009 12:42 am

marlyn dineros


well,as far as i can say lindora lean for life is the easiest and safest to follow in terms of diet ,its very comprehensive diet,just basically normal diet,no operation,bno any medicine that will give you a side effect,just a vitamin supplements that can help to increase your energy and metabolism,second this is protien diet and low carbs in your meal ,you have your own choice of what and how many carbs your gonna take in your daily plan,i can say that many people dont like plan ahead for thier future in life like this diet,discipline.perseverance,focus on your goal are the best key to reach your weight goal...gud luck to all dieters,stay lean for life...........from jeddah saudi arabia but im filipina...proud to be a filipina!!!!!!!

posted Dec 15th, 2008 4:36 am

marlyn dineros cabuhat


i would like to be a member of your club,i am so eager to be connected of this famous lindora weight loss,actually i am a nurse here in jeddah,im working here as a clinic nurse in same clinic that you have w/c is lindora.hope you'll keep in touch about the diet

posted Dec 15th, 2008 4:24 am



I LOVE this diet. High protein/low carbs-it is worth every penny I spent. What price do you put on your health? Also-Blue Cross members get a discount. I have been on it for 8 weeks and lost 26 lbs. It is easy-but like any diet...if you are not ready to start-NO diet will work. I was ready-and the money I spent kept me focused! Highly recommend this for people that are committed to losing weight.

posted Dec 8th, 2008 4:38 pm



I did the Lindora diet for the past 5 weeks. Can't stand their food or the plan. Lost 5 then gained 2. No flavor whatsoever.. none... I am sure if you follow the plan you will lose, but it is not easy and it is expensive and there are NO refunds. You need to be very committed and prepared to have dry food with no flavor. I am not big on meat and you have to eat protein every meal so that wasn't pleasant for me even though i could have shakes here and there and the bars (they get old quick). I only need to lose 15lbs and know i can do it by eating healthy and working out. I do NOT recommend this diet. I would also like to add that the vitamin B shots are not pleasant and I did not feel any different. The mulit vitamins are very strong and made me feel natious.

posted Oct 15th, 2008 7:36 pm


I agree the diet has it's place. Most people that are over weight did not do so by eating a healthy diet. For some people being told what to do, and taking the guess work out of it works... for a while. As a person who worked with some of these products being used in these diets this is my take on the program.... The so called supplements or protein meal alternatives take the place of food. There is no guessing just eat the bars and you should lose. Having tried this diet I do not recommend it. It may help you lose weight for that time but it has one of the largest relapses in diet history. This is because of rapid loss, and the supplements do not change eating habits. Supplements will replace your candy bar with a high protein candy bar... And so does not change your eating habits, rather it just limits the amounts. The relapse also happens because of what we call "taste fatigue", which over time you will begin to hate the taste of the supplements. After this you go back to candy bars or what ever else you can get your hands on to. If you got accustom to liking sensible food and acquired healthy habits this would not happen. From losing 30 lbs by my self eating healthy whole foods and working out I know what it takes. I was dedicated to losing the weight and I know the reason 2 + years later I have kept it off is because slowly I began to change eating habits, kinds of foods I liked, I went from liking junk to eating a balanced diet. Working out if you like it or not is the way to keep of weight. Building muscle will increase the amount of calories your body burns and so if you choose to eat a high calorie meal every so often your body will burn the calories off. If you lose weight the Lindora way your losing muscle, and decreasing the capabilities of your metabolism, so when you eat a high calorie meal you put on what you ate your body simply pack on weight. Also, ketosis will make you starving as soon as you break it by eating. So good luck keeping the weight off if you choose this diet.

posted Sep 11th, 2008 6:18 pm


Lindora can work if you follow it, but it is really only conducive to losing weight for those individuals who are not active and do not participate in much exercise. When you start losing weight and exercising more, your body changes. The more efficient your body becomes, the harder it is to lose weight. This is where I always got stuck when losing weight on my own. They offered me very little to overcome these plateaus. In two months, I lost 40 pounds. However, I lost 40lbs. in two months on my own before. I went to Lindora after having my daughter because I gained almost 50lbs. and was already 25lbs overweight prior. When dieting on my own, I often hit plateaus and have not successfully overcome them. Lindora touts being able to do this. Thus, I was drawn to their program. They state it is medically supervised. There is usually only one nurse on staff. Everyone else is simply ?staff? who have been taught the Lindora concept of dieting, which includes lowering carbs and calories. It does not focus on exercise. In fact, I was mostly successful because I run quite often (a minimum of 20 miles a week) and exercise at the gym at least 5 days a week. They had a hard time breaking through my plateaus. Right now, I am on a liquid diet with a one-protein-one-vegetable-and-one-fruit dinner. However, I ran 5 miles on the day I started, drank my liquids, had my dinner, and was ravenous come 8 p.m. This liquid diet might work for those who are sedentary, but I am actually very active (not to mention I also work full-time and move on my feet throughout the day). The second day I was also ravenous. Although I may drop pounds on the scale, as soon as I increase my carbs and/or calories to what it should normally be (still nixing high carb, high fat, processed foods), I will gain weight, even if it is only a portion of the lost weight. It is easy to lose weight by withholding food, but you will eventually gain some back when you eat what your body needs. Also, I do not feel that I was adequately supported at Lindora. I lost more than ten percent of my body weight, which is all they were hoping for in ten weeks with $1400 of my money. Thus, everyday I got weighed in, if I was disappointed by low or no weight loss, they shrugged and told me I was doing well because I had already lost ten percent of my body weight. (This would be the plateaus I was hitting with very little knowledge as to what to do.) Lindora is a diet for people who have no idea what they are doing health-wise. It is also for people who do not like exercise, or very little of it. Their lack of knowledge means that they cannot cater to people like me who may be overweight, but also know what healthy living looks like. (My brother is a fitness trainer, triathlete, and marathoner who has helped me quite often.) I will not be going to Lindora again. I will simply monitor my eating and activity myself and probably achieve the same results.

posted Jul 22nd, 2008 9:46 pm


I'm a 35 year old female who has tried every diet out there with little success. I was happy overweight, I liked food but ate as healthy as Dr Oz said to. I didn't have binges or lay around eating chips all day, I watched what I ate but steadily gained 5 pounds a year plus the pregnancy weight. I did Weight Watchers and I really tried. I had an excel chart on the fridge, but after a disappointing 5 pounds in 5 months-my husband lost 30 without trying-I gave up. I did fear diabetes though, it runs in my family. I joined Lindora after the bombardment of commercials and you know what? It's working great! Seriously, 7 months and 75 pounds-I haven't felt this good or looked this young in 15 years! Yes it's a lot of work, and willpower, but they encourage and offer training. It's expensive too, but for all of the work and money I"m putting in, I see great results and I'm going to stick with it even after. I didn't hate myself before, but I'm so happy now, clothes look better, it's easier to get up and down from the floor, and I trot up the stairs. Even if it is a common diet, I recommend it for their help, and I feel great!

posted Jul 22nd, 2008 11:26 am


I did this program a few years ago. I peeled off 60 pounds in about 8 months. It was difficult at first, but I got used to it easily. I did not pay for anything. I got the book, read it, and went from there. I was able to do my own meal planning and used everything from my local supermarket. I did try the protein bars at first, but I didn't like them. I found string cheese to be just as effective. I did purchase the vitamins and still use them because I like them. A good multi vitamin will work. And let me add that vitamin supplements are important. I highly recommend this plan. But get the book and do it yourself.

posted Jun 29th, 2008 5:47 pm


I happen to think this is the greatest diet in the world! I did it before i had my daughter and lost 50lbs in a month and a half!!!! Lindora has the only bars that are very high in protein and low in carbs! I am currently on this diet again not paying the money i did before! Because i learned everything before, i know how to do it now! This is my 4th day on it and i have already lost 9lbs! Its totally safe! Your just lowering your carb intake 80-100 a day. So that way your burning fat instead of carbs. Its a wonderful diet and i would recomment it to anyone who wants to lose weight fast and safely

posted Jun 19th, 2008 9:38 am


This program is a huge price to pay, considering that it's basically teaching "control your food intake and exercise regularly". We know that already! Also - their protein supplements come from other manufacturers and the same products can be purchased less expensively elsewhere. Don't waste your money.

posted Jun 10th, 2008 8:37 pm


I went there to lose 15 pounds. I wanted something quick. I did get 10 pounds off but it didn't really start coming off until I had been on the program for about 4 weeks. I had to actually go on a liquid diet (made up of Lindora shakes and soups and bars) for 10 days to jumpstart the weight loss. After that I followed my own low-carb program and consumed less than 50 carbs per day and fewer than 800 calories on most days in order to get the weight off. Yes, it came off fast but I don't feel that the B vitamin shots that they gave me every day nor the products were helpful. The fact that I pretty much starved myself is what took the weight off. The cost for that 6 week and 10 pounds was a whopping $1,100 and guess what...I have put all the weight back on and more. As soon as you return to normal eating...as soon as you add Carbs back into your diet...the weight comes back. Oh, by the way, the $1,100 doesn't include all the product I bought from them thinking that it was magically helping me to lose weight. That stuff cost me several hundred more $$$$.


I started the Lindora Medical Loss Program,mid June of 2007.I went to an actual Lindora Clinic site (not a Rite Aide). I had to be the best money I have ever invested in my health and it was considerable. Occasionally they run promo and will give rewards for patients that refer. It does not come without it's risk. There is a reason why at the clinics allot of test are done prior to starting. It is a very severe program. I feel after having successfully loosing 55 pounds. I agree with Lois ,I will be working hard to maintain this loss. I reached my goal at 130 and a BMI of 20. This diet is difficult and not for everyone. The maintenance basically is calorie counting . No magic there !


I lost 82 pounds in 9 months on Lindora. It differs in the different phases of weight loss and they are honest with you that once you reach your goal weight it make take a year of hard work before your body will stabilize at that weight. The "booster" injections are a waste though.


35 years of experience can't be all wrong. this could work

Heather P

lindora lean for life seems like another low carb craze. and its wicked expensive


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