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Diet Reviews

Reviewing diets and weight loss programs is our job, and it is one we take seriously. We feature hundreds of reviews across many categories, and our team of expert health professionals look at each with a constructive, unbiased perspective. Our priority is to make you as informed as possible, as you compare and shop the multitude of programs, products, books, supplements and gadgets all aimed at helping you lose weight and keep it off. We work hard to be a trusted partner in your healthy living efforts.

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Latest Diet Reviews

Women's Strength Nation

Holly Perkins' prescription for strength training in Women's Strength Nation will change the way women look and feel about themselves.

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The Biggest Loser Bootcamp

Biggest Loser Bootcamp is an eight-week fitness and clean-eating weight loss plan designed by NBC's Biggest Loser.

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Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet

Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet offers his new approach to phased weight loss with a focus on 20 key nutritious foods and a simple, effective workout.

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