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Abby Rike – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

abby rikeIt’s nearly impossible to hear Abby Rike‘s story and not be overwhelmed by sadness. The good news these days though, is that Abby is not. She is positively beaming, even saying there’s more laughter and joy wherever she goes.

Two years ago Abby’s husband, who she calls her “favorite person on the planet,” her young daughter and newborn son were tragically killed in a car accident. In our interview she explains how prior to going to the Biggest Loser ranch her heart wasn’t in life and felt as though she didn’t have anything left to give. She also tells us how she no longer lets one person fulfill her the way her husband did, and feels blessed to have a wide range of supporters.

Today, Abby’s finding joy in the small things. And in our interview with her she laughed, a lot! She says going to the Biggest Loser ranch served as a catalyst for finding the light in her eyes again. (more…)

Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.7

I thought this was a fun week for Biggest Loser, but the episode also had a few things that are driving me insane.

This week was face-off week. I love face-off week. It gives the contestants the chance to focus on one person the entire week, making the only goal to beat a single opponent. There is no team to help you and you have to carry yourself. (more…)

Dina Mercado – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

dina mercadoWe had a chance to speak with Dina Mercado after her elimination from Biggest Loser during week six. Her stoic exit was a sign of the strength she exudes on and off campus. She continues to enjoy great success at home, conquering a few goals and fears in the process.

Listen now as Dina tells us how she overcomes food temptations, as well as what the experience was like to complete two marathons since leaving the ranch, something she says was the “greatest feeling in the world.”

Dina’s two half-marathons, a running race of 13.1 miles, would not have been possible when she started Biggest Loser at 253 pounds. Currently weighing 178 pounds, she was able to take on the endurance races with ease. (more…)

Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.6

So, first things first. Coach Mo is gone, Tracey stayed in the game. The contestants were shocked. After they get a hold of themselves, it’s straight into a challenge. This challenge had the teams digging up crates to get a prize that the ever-so-clever Alison Sweeney kept a secret. The blue team ends up being the better archaeologists, or moles, or whatever else that digs, and wins. The prize is a week’s trip home. For either team. The blue team makes the smart decision and sends the black team home, hoping for some massive stumbles. (more…)

Coach Mo – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

coach moNo goodbye at the Biggest Loser ranch is ever easy, and seeing Coach Mo walk out those doors was one of the harder moments this season. He could have been anyone’s grandpa, and his consistently positive, encouraging attitude made him all the more adored. At 55, Mo was the oldest player to compete this season, but he never let age become an issue. He competed right alongside 20-year-olds, and offered a face of sportsmanship.

Listen now as Mo discusses what it was like to be Tracey‘s teammate, and what it’s like to finally be leading by example. Then continue reading to learn more about Mo’s journey on and off the ranch.