Dina Mercado – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

dina mercadoWe had a chance to speak with Dina Mercado after her elimination from Biggest Loser during week six. Her stoic exit was a sign of the strength she exudes on and off campus. She continues to enjoy great success at home, conquering a few goals and fears in the process.

Listen now as Dina tells us how she overcomes food temptations, as well as what the experience was like to complete two marathons since leaving the ranch, something she says was the “greatest feeling in the world.”

Dina’s two half-marathons, a running race of 13.1 miles, would not have been possible when she started Biggest Loser at 253 pounds. Currently weighing 178 pounds, she was able to take on the endurance races with ease.

She also conquered her greatest hurdle from the ranch – the stool. Jillian Michaels continually pushed her to jump from the floor to the platform, but she wasn’t able. Fear stood in the way. At home, she shook that fear and now takes on the stool effortlessly.

Part of it is that she says she’s now stronger mentally, spiritually and emotionally than she was when she began this process. “I’m not going to lie, this process is not easy,” she says. But she’s learned to count on herself and enjoys encouragement from her family. Especially her nine-year-old son.

dina biggest loser stoolHe’s become her consummate gym buddy and Dina says he’s become a good replacement for Bob and Jillian, as “he’s just like them.” He wears a shirt that reads “trainer in training,” and he pushes Dina through all of her workouts. Sometimes he even yells at Dina and she says she has to remind him that he’s the son! The mother-son duo also spend a lot more time outside together, roller blading and working out on the beach. She loves that she no longer has to just watch, but can get involved with his activities.

Dina stays on track with her weight loss by adhering to a strict schedule for working out and eating, and it’s only when she varies from the schedule that she finds difficulty. She avoid tempting places, and keeps healthy snacks like carrots, almonds or her favorite, popcorn, at all times. Not only has she enjoyed significant weight loss, and a more active life with her son, but says she’s seen benefits in her marriage, too.

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Dina Mercado's Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow
Dina Mercado’s Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow

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