Amanda Arlauskas Joins as Biggest Loser Correspondent

amanda arlauskasShe was America’s Choice and now she’s’s choice! is pleased to announce the addition of Amanda Arlauskas as the newest addition to its health and wellness team, fulfilling the role of Biggest Loser Correspondent. Amanda was chosen to participate in Biggest Loser season eight by a popular vote by fans in the season seven finale. She persevered through her season and earned a spot as one of three finalists at the season eight finale, once again by a vote by fans.

Throughout Biggest Loser season nine, premiering on NBC Tuesday, January 5, 2010, Amanda will provide video recaps of each episode, sharing her reaction to events at the ranch as well as highlighting the biggest moments from the show. It’s an exclusive look at Biggest Loser by a Biggest Loser that you’ll only see at

Amanda was a serious competitor on the 13-week eighth season of Biggest Loser. She arrived at the ranch weighing 250 pounds, and worked hard both at the ranch and at home to lose 87 pounds. In her finale weight of 163 pounds, Amanda is stunning, confident and full of life. Amanda was pursuing a degree to become a registered nurse, however, inspired by her new lifestyle, she is now studying to become a nutritionist and personal trainer with aspirations to open her own gym where she can continue giving back to others. Amanda resides in Butler, NJ.

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